Program Planning and Grant Proposal Checkpoint

3 March 2017

Program Planning and Grant Proposals Checkpoint Program planning is when a program or service that might be needed in a certain community or city. It is a plan that someone puts together so that the program will work to help better serve people who need help or even make a company function better. A program is put into place so that it can help the person or company with goals, activities, rules, objectives, and different procedures that a person, company or organization needs so that it can run productively.

When a person or group of people start planning a program it helps to get the process and the grant to work, furthermore, program planning has a procedure to attain certain future goals. If a program is not working very well anymore then program planning can be used in this situation so that the program has a clear understanding and problems can be addressed so that they can receive grant approval.

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Grants will need the same information as with the planning of a program so that it too can be approved. Many people or organizations will ask for money when they are working on a grant proposal when help is needed.

For instance, if people are homeless and housing is needed then a grant proposal can be sent in asking for money to either pay for housing or give money to the homeless so that they can get housing and any other costs that they might have. One of the similarities between program planning and grant proposals is that a program is a plan that someone thins of and to start the program they need money. So they have a grant proposal ready so that they can ask for this money. One difference is that a grant is a plan for money and a program plan is an idea that someone puts down on paper.

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