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8 August 2016

Electricity is a form of energy that form as lightning. Its relationship with electronics is that electronics is that electricity power electronics. In short, without electricity, electronics won’t work. Then what is Electronics? Electronics is any kind of machine that being powered by electricity that helps people to do their jobs faster and faster. Gupta (2011) says in his article that the purpose of a power station is to deliver power at the lower possible cost per units. Kadambi (2011) says that, we can create electricity by the help of nature itself.

Like, windmills, winds spin the windmill then it spins the dynamo, which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Anine (2014) says in his article that the Supreme Court yesterday ordered the groups that sled manila electrical corp. (MERALCO) for its controversial increase of 4. 45 pesos per kilowatt-hour (kwh) to include the regulation of the country’s Electrical marker and six independent power producers. Statement of the Problem This research will analyze and discuss the electricity price hike. We are searching for a cheap electricity price or a better substitution to the oil that we import from the country.

Project background for project proposal tree planting Essay Example

a. Why Electricity price increased? b. Why power generation plants shut down? c. Where we can get cheap electricity? d. How we can lessen the cost of electricity? Significance/Importance Electricity is very important for our daily routine, because appliances won’t work without an electricity like washing machine, refrigerator, television, etc. Scope and Limitation The researcher will not discuss any further topics and aspects that are beyond the selected topic. The limitation is that my team knows some important details about the topic we do not wrote.

Assumption/ Hypothesis The following assumption was made in the relation to the following: Electricity is the cheapest energy that we use Electrical problem is no more than a big problem to the Philippines. Philippines established more than 10 power generation plants. . Chapter II METHODOLOGY Data are gathered from two sources, one is from Library source and the other is by survey Questionnaires. Library source involve research from Books, Magazines, Journals, Newspaper, Internet and other published materials that has a relationship to the topic.

We also gathered information by using the “survey questionnaire” and by interviewing the professionals who knows about Electricity and the case of price hike of electricity. Chapter III PRESENTATION, INTERPRETATION OF DATA AND FINDINGS Presentation Interpretation of data Four of the respondent disagree that they want to use an alternative Energy to lessen their payment or cost in electric bills but it takes time to change it to solar, windmills or any alternative Energy. Three out of five respondents disagreed that they want to use the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant again, because of the Electricity Price hike.

All respondents agree on using nuclear energy because of the effect that can cause pollution. Only one out of five respondents disagreed on using electric tower to fuel cars because of the news they heard about what happens to the cars that converted from fuel cars to electric cars. 40% of the respondents say that they can see the Philippines to have the most modernized electricity production after ten years because they see them now the steps do by electric companies to modernized electricity production. Findings

From the results of the survey questionnaires, the researchers found that the electricity price hike of Meralco issued a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) stopping Meralco from collecting the increase in next 60 days. In its order, the court noted the public records showed that the six power firms has existing agreements with the Meralco and Supplied Meralco with power in November 2013 when the generation cost increased. In the other way, some people want to use an alternative energy like solar, windmills or even power plants to lessen the cost of electricity payment. Chapter IV SUMMARY, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION

Summary Price hike is caused by insufficiency of other source of power that the distributor –Meralco- so they find much high cost of energy source to sustain their service. Alternatives- solar, windmills and/ or power plants – may be the good enough to supply electricity but the people are not sure about the effectiveness of these alternatives. Subscribing to the power distributors is much more expensive than Alternatives. And installing alternatives are expensive in first but when it is installed the cost of the electricity is lessen even if it is Full generated or half generated electricity expense.

Reoperation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant can contribute electricity but it is too risky to operate it again because it is too old and its technology is outdated. Conclusions I therefore conclude that in times of power hike, alternatives- solar, windmills, etc. – are the best choice to lessen the cost of the Electric bill. In addition, it also can contribute to the nature or lessen the pollution. The Philippines can produce more electricity to its constituents and will never happen again the price hike of electricity. It can help our economy, our health, progress and development, and to the Individuals who are suffering from poverty.

With more electricity the more developed and high-tech the Philippines and to have a great quality of our Students. The Manufacturers, investors, factories and business investors will loves to put their properties in here. However, without electricity or having high cost electricity in here, the Philippines the effect will be disastrous and the economy will down. No more investors would like to invest here. And the countries will still one of the poorest countries in the world. Recommendations I recommend that Philippines should start using alternatives to lessen the power shutdown and price increase.

With these alternatives, we can compete to other countries that are dependable to their sources. We must also depend to our sources and that is heat. We are in the tropical region of the world and in there heat is high so that we can build Solar Panels. In addition, we have much seashore. We can generate powers from the wind. We can build a Windmills like in Ilocos that 60-90% can powered the Ilocos with their windmills. Or we can conserve power by unplugging the appliances or turning of it when it is not needed. REFERENCES REFERENCES Gupta, S. S.

(2011), “Electrical Engineering”, University Science Press. Kadambi, Vedanth (2011), “Energy Conversion”, New Age International Publishers. Dimotakis, P. E. (2008), “Energy”, E & S, Volume LXXI no. 4 pg. 12-13 Nisley, E. (2013), “Senior Collaboration, Circuit Cellar”, Issue 274, pg. 48-52 World, E. (2008), Microsoft Encarta Outline Encyclopedia”, 2006, Revised. (12/05/13) Hart, E. (2007), “Power Microsoft Events”, Online encyclopedia, 2007, Revised (12/05/13) Aning, Jorome, (2014), “Include 6 Firms, ERC in MERALCO case – SC”, Philippine Daily inquirer. APPENDIX Appendix A SURVEY-QUESTIONNAIRE

Please answer the following questions honestly by checking the appropriate line and by writing your answers in the spaces provided. Name (Optional) ______________________________ Gender : ____Male ____ Female Age:____ Course & Year:________________________________ NO. Questions Yes No 1. Do you agree on using “Alternative Energy”? 2. Do you agree to use the “Bataan Nuclear Power Plant” again? 3. Do you agree on using “Nuclear Energy”? 4. Do you agree on using Electric Power to Fuel Cars? 5. Do you see Philippines to have the most modernized electricity production after ten years? Total

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