Project Charter

8 August 2016

Involve market and economics(tall purchases are made in us dollars) research 2. To be open with the employees and other interested stakeholders and try the first samples of the product on professionals. COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY 1. To create value for professionals to use and brand loyalty towards ACM composites 2. To provide link with the resource suppliers to be able to correspond to the demand from the hockey companies END PRODUCTS: -gives a new segment development- pro player part of the market composite material hockey sticks -provides a defense towards losing hockey stick from composite material from China -provides and economic analysis of such an investment PROJECT SCOPE The project scope was the delivery of a 100% custom stick , conforming to the project specifications, within 1 week of the business order(competitive advantage) PARAMETERS PROJECT OBJECTIVES SCHEDULE: Project to be completed for an year

The firm has allocated $500,000 for this project. The biggest part of the costs for this project will be the FOH(factory over head-supervision,maintenance,prod maintenance) KNOWN CONSTRAINTS: RESOURCES: To be determined OTHER: The company desires to penetrate the pro player hockey segment but we are not sure that the players will want to change from Chinese hockey sticks to Canadian ones.

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. RISK ASSESSMENT: (High, Medium, Low) Probability Impact External Risk TBD TBD

Political Risk: Political pressures to protect current plants L L Market Risk: Risk losing reputation in hockey stick market if the project fails M H Internal Risk ? ? Schedule Risk: H H Budget Risk: H M Technical Risk: TBD L L Other Risk: Professional buyers preferring cheaper alternative L M PROJECT ORGANIZATIONAL IMPACTS ORGANIZATIONS IMPACTED BY THE PROJECT INTERNAL: CONTACT & TELEPHONE Engineering, Financial, Marketing EXTERNAL: CONTACT & TELEPHONE Less price sensitive professionals REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS:

 President and the Senior Management Committee will meet monday morning to discuss project . 2. Big chalk board with chart will be used during the discussion and brainstorming on it for ideas. COMPLETION CRITERIA 1. Report of feasibility and recommendations has been delivered and approved by corporate management. PROJECT PLANNING PARAMETERS DATE PLANNING COMPLETION DUE: ESTIMATED PLANNING BUDGET: $500,000 SIGN OFF SUBMITTED FOR PLANNING SIGNATURE DATE PROJECT MANAGER FUNCTIONAL MANAGER SPONSOR

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