Project Charter

7 July 2016

Mission/ Purpose What is your project going to accomplish? How does this project relate to overall goals and objectives of the company? It is part of a program or larger project? Our Summer Reading and Activity project for the Small World Daycare will accomplish many things. It will increase summer enrollment. It will also provide a safe and educational place for the children of our community as well as surrounding communities during the summer vacation.

It relates to the overall goals of the daycare by instilling a love of reading at an early age, providing education and a safe place to go while parents or guardians are at work or otherwise occupied. It also provides positive role models for our youth. This project will help to enhance and improve the daycare! SOW What will this project create? What is the product of the project?

Project Charter Essay Example

At a high level, how do you plan on doing the work of the project? What are the high-level deliverables for this project? It will create a Summer special for the daycare. Children of working parents often need care for younger children during the summer months. This program creates an option for these parents. The product is an educational program that keeps the minds of school aged youth active during the summer months.

Not only does the product create a safe haven for those children with working parents or those who need care for any reason throughout the summer months but it also inspires creativity and engages the imagination while keeping the brain active through arts and crafts and reading. Objectives What objectives, if any, of the company is this project designed to meet? The objective is to become more involved within the community, while using community funded businesses, such as the local library and local park, to continue a sense of learning even through the summer months.

Business Need Why should we do this project? The purpose behind our Summer program for Small World Daycare is to increase revenue while providing a safe and educational place for youth on summer vacation. What will be gained, changed, or modified? Small World Daycare will be gaining new customers, increasing their revenue, creating a new option for parents during the summer months and changing the idea of a lazy summer into a more fun and creative one. Is there a financial or business reason to do this project?

The program will increase revenue at the daycare by appealing to a new base of customers while using cost effective supplies and free library services. This area should contain any feasibility studies, NPV, PI, PB, or PBD used to advance the project. Project Manager and Stakeholders Who will lead this project? Amanda Price Who are the major stakeholders? Small World Daycare, the youth involved, parents, guardians and the community Milestones What are the key milestone dates associated with the project?

Week 1- Focus on weekly cost of program, advertisement of summer program and deadline announcements Create arts and crafts calendar and take inventory of in house books (research age appropriate and cost efficient arts and crafts online) Create field trip permission slips for local library as well as local park Contact local library to discuss field trips and library cards for the youth Create a colorful spreadsheet for the children to keep up with their reading achievements (printable version to be printed as needed) Create an incentive chart based on number of books read per child (to be used with advertisements as well) Discuss party/graduation ceremony associated with highest level of incentive chart Week 2- Estimate response by current customers as well as new additions Use this macro estimate to create a budget for material cost associated with arts and crafts materials Week 3-

Host a registration night on Friday evening and Saturday morning (as this should provide a convenient time for all working parents) Order necessary materials for Weeks 1 and 2 of arts and crafts projects Week 4- Advertise late registration for the program, which begins on Monday of Week 5 Divide participants into smaller groups by age (group numbers dependent upon registration numbers) Budget What is the order-of-magnitude budget for this project? The program alone will consist of 12 weeks. The cost of the program alone (not associated with costs that are already incurred by the daycare, such as food, insurance, van payment, building payment, etc) is roughly estimated at $3000 for the duration of the program. This will cover arts and crafts supplies, 1-2 additional part-time staff members, fuel for field trips, incentives and advertisements.

User Acceptance Criteria/Quality What are the minimum success criteria as defined by the key stakeholders? Since this is the pilot year for the program, the minimum success criteria is to create awareness for the program for upcoming years. High-Level Project Assumptions What are the assumptions on which the project is based? 1. Parents or guardians are in need of summer care for their school aged children 2. Resources will be readily available for the program 3. Funding is available 4. Enough staffing is available High-Level Project Constraints What are the major limiting factors that affect the project? 1. Space may be limited dependent upon participation numbers 2.

Funding will not be available (again based on participation) 3. Staff will not cooperate Exclusions and Boundaries What are the boundaries of the project? What is to be included and what is to be excluded from the project? 1. The boundaries will include: The magnitude of the arts and crafts projects. The time limitations for those participating in just the summer program The additional cost. 2. The project will include: A calendar of events for reading, field trips and arts and crafts. The events will be all inclusive, in that the children will not be required to bring anything but themselves. The project will exclude: Custom made schedules, in that one price will cover the program per week.

Even if your child will only be able to attend 4 out of 5 days, the same price will be applied to hold that spot. Major Risks What are the major risks affecting the project? 1. This is the pilot year 2. Possibility of activities being more detailed than they appeared 3. Cost estimate being too low 4. Not having enough resources KEY STAKEHOLDERS Project Manager Authority Level Amanda Price Project Core Team Susan Hodges Scottie Chatman Angela Bello Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) (include company and channel designations if applicable) APPROVALS Type Name Signature Date Project Manager Approval: Amanda Price 9/15/2013 Customer/Sponsor Approval: Statement of participations:

Amanda Price (PM)- Amanda contributed to the project by agreeing to be Project manager, contributing the project idea, attending a meeting via Live chat, answering questions for the Project Charter and typing the Project Charter for submission. Susan Hodges contributed to the project by providing computer support for Amanda via text and email (Amanda was new to the Live process), attending a meeting via Live chat, answering questions for the Project Charter and compiling a list of names and contact information for submission. Scottie Chatman contributed to the project by attending a meeting via Live chat, answering questions for the Project Charter and reviewing the required submission requirements to ensure that everything was submitted correctly.

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