Project Management

11 November 2016

Name and briefly describe the societal forces that have contributed to the need for project management. Exponential expansion of human knowledge, increasing number of demands or global consumption, managing complex projects are societal forces that had contributed to the need for project management.

Increase in the demand or the global consumption leads to the need of strong project management due to which it is leading to brainstorming for making the given project possible in a successful manner, this is ultimately leading to increase or expansion of knowledge supported by upcoming technologies which may be earlier have never been thought. Hence this greater education combined with technologies is helping to respond to this global pressure by developing new techniques and thereby improved project management.

Project Management Essay Example

These societal forces also foster when there are loads of more services and products to be offered which gives the company to strive or adapt more towards new techniques, technologies and projects in given or specified time. 3. Describe the limitations of project management. -limitation to stick with the project scope: Project Management, is unable to comply to the original scope of project as there might be various changes during every step of the project.

This limitation sometimes may lead to over budget and sometimes long time then decided. -limitation to fully go along the project objectives: sometimes Project Managers are incapable, to make sure that their projects are kept to go along company’s strategy. -limitation to manage projects with unspecified budget and time: sometimes all projects finish on time and on schedule can have their quality compromised or deliver poor quality. 5. Name and briefly describe the three primary goals of a project.

The three primary goals of the project are as follows: Performance-It is required performance which is necessary in every project to complete a given or assigned task Time- Due date/deadline it’s the time in which the work is to be completed/finished which is one of the important factors in the progress and completion of the project in the desired frame of time Cost- Cost is other most important, it indirectly decides the scope or reach of the project or in simple language estimated cost or budget for he project. Here its important to reduce costs as much possible with no loss of decrease in efficiency during final completion of the project. 7. How do projects, programs, tasks, and work packages differ? Project:   A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service Programs: Long-term or final objective that is broken down in number of projects, where group of similar projects orient toward a specific goal.

Tasks: A task is subset of a project which consists of work packages or we can say a activity which involves work to be completed which is ultimately related to the goal of the project Work package: A sub element of a task at the lowest level in the Work Breakdown Structure, used to assign costs and values or we can simply say its division of the project task. All these term are inter-related during the working of the project but all have their individual meaning in association with the project which we are dealing with. Projects along with programs, tasks, work packages and work units are the elements of work breakdown structure.

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