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The undermentioned Table is a comparative analysis of the original undertaking direction processes to the new proposed Undertaking Management Plan.

Preconstruction Phase
The fiscal Performa and hard currency flow was non prepared as a tool to be used during the full continuance of the undertaking. The accounting was performed with the operational clerking and non as a separate accounting system. A concise and elaborate Performa will be completed and the hard currency flow will be an intricate portion of the building procedure. A separate chart of histories will be maintained in order to track disbursals on a existent clip footing. An inexperient proprietors representative was selected who was non cognizant of the undertaking direction processes to be followed. There was non a defined PMLC theoretical account designated for the undertaking. We would urge an experient proprietors representative be selected who is familiar with building patterns. We are suggesting the Adaptive Project Framework of the Adaptive PMLC theoretical account.

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There was non a defined design development procedure that included strategic planning Sessionss. The undertaking scheduling was done in an unorganised manner. We propose to finish a concise design development procedure that includes a system for documenting demands utilizing strategic planning and departmental focal point groups.

The contractor was selected without undergoing a competitory command procedure. The contract was cost plus with an unfastened terminal with no defined completion day of the months. We propose a complete contractor choice procedure that is with prequalified competitory commands. The contract would be based on a cost plus with a guaranteed maximal monetary value. There was a deficiency of communicating between all parties doing the edifice design to be constructed 5 pess short to let for the production train. We propose a communications program that has criterions and processs for pass oning demands. doing determinations. and pass oning information to all necessary parties.

A complete undertaking agenda with critical mileposts was non completed and there was no answerability for non run intoing the agenda. The contract had no proviso for non run intoing the agenda. We propose a concise Overall Project Schedule with critical mileposts identified. The GMP contract would be tied into the agenda and there would be liquidated amendss levied for non run intoing the agenda. There was no proviso for keeping production of new and bing contracts during the building procedure doing the loss of cardinal undertakings and possible grosss. A complete undertaking mobilisation and sequencing program would be in consequence to guarantee that there would be no break to bing production lines. Production staff would be involved in focal point groups.

There was non a definite scheme for gross revenues and selling of the new installation. We would suggest that a complete gross revenues. selling. and publicity scheme be in topographic point. Original PlanProposed Plan

Construction Phase

Original PlanProposed Plan
There were no procedures in topographic point for the blessing of submittals and other cardinal building stage systems. We propose a well developed execution program that includes procedures for submittal reappraisal and other cardinal procedures. There was non a well defined Risk Management Plan for the undertaking and there were no commissariats for identified hazards. We propose a concise Risk Management program that includes appraisal and designation. monitoring and control. and extenuation. There was non a agenda direction program in topographic point with clear lines of answerability. We would develop a concise Overall Project Schedule with answerability procedures. There was a regulative issue with the freshly installed pigment store. We would guarantee that all necessary blessings would be in topographic point by the regulative bureaus. There were standardized undertaking direction processes in topographic point that would interface the proprietor with the selected contractor.

There were no consistent undertaking meetings held and no meeting proceedingss or documentationA complete Project Management Manual would be prepared that define all procedures within the undertaking. Weekly undertaking meetings would be held with elaborate meeting proceedingss as defined by Roberts Rules of Order. There was non a Budget Management procedure in topographic point for tracking the original budget to existent completion percentagesWe would hold a complete Budget Management program in topographic point that includes existent clip updates to existent outgos versus projected budgets. There were jobs with the public-service corporation tie Immigration and Naturalization Services and coordination with the assorted public-service corporation companies. We would supervise and pull off the coordination of all public-service corporation tie Immigration and Naturalization Services and agenda consequently. The Certificates of Occupancy and Completion Certificates were non secured by the contractor doing a hold to the agenda. We would hold a procedure in topographic point for procuring the necessary Certificates and have identified these undertakings on the Overall Project Schedule.

The building stage would be managed based on the concluding Project Management Manual. There would be assorted procedures in topographic point that trades with communications direction. hazard direction. quality confidence. and overall undertaking direction planning. The original procedure for the Woody 2000 undertaking was really disconnected with no clear lines of duty and answerability.

The station building procedure would include proper commissioning of systems and the preparation of forces on the new systems installed. A post-implementation audit and a Final Report would be completed. The production train get down up and employee preparation would be portion of the station building procedure and it would be clearly defined and scheduled consequently to run into expected deadlines.

The proposed undertaking direction program would be diametrically different than the original procedure defined for the Woody 2000 proposed undertaking.

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