Project Management “The Wedding”

7 July 2016

This project requires research imagination, and logic in applying the content of this course and book. Go to Chapter 4 and pick Case Study# 2 titled “The Wedding” It starts at page 132. This case study will continue in Chapters 5 through 8. You will follow every step and answer questions in a presentation format. Project Requirements Assignment Due: This project assignment should be uploaded to the course ASSIGNMENTS no later than Midnight, 12-8-2013 General Instructions: This is an optional group OR individual assignment.

You have an option to do this assignment on your own or become part of the group. If you want to be in a group, go ahead and email me. If not, let me know that you will handle it individually. Either ways, I need to hear from you. However, once you make that decision and notify me, there is no going back. You will be held responsible for your decision. I will not hear any excuses about group members not participating or getting along. If you do partner up, the group will meet within chat rooms, via discussion board, in-person and email and decide how you will complete this assignment.

Project Management “The Wedding” Essay Example

Real time meetings (i. e. IM) are allowed if agreed upon by all group members. I suggest you exchange contact information (email, phone number) as soon as your groups are formed. You will need to document group meeting days, times, and team members present. Designate a member of the group (preferably rotate this duty) and email this information to me via the course email. There will be two deliverables for this project: (I need both files) 1)A report using Microsoft Word (details under Report Format below) 2)A Microsoft Project file (details under Project Guideline below)

Report Format: Your report should be 6-8 pages typed and double-spaced (not including cover sheet and references). You should use 12 pt, Times New Roman font. You can use charts, graphs, illustrations, etc. or other visual aids to enhance your report. The report should follow the format below: Cover Sheet (includes names of all group members, course name and number, instructor’s name and the date). Introduction – includes an opening paragraph that has a clearly identifiable statement of purpose for your report. Your central idea is stated here.

Your introduction should also contain a preview of major points for discussion. Body – includes all of the information that is described in the Project Description. Conclusion – summarizes the discussion and ties the main points together in a meaningful way. Reference Sheet – include a list of reference sources. Place these in alphabetical order according to author’s last name. The list identifies the source used (name of book, journal, magazine, etc. ) and the date of publication. If you used website, reference the web address.

You should follow APA guidelines for citations and references. Project Guideline Develop an objective statement that will be used as a basis for planning the wedding. Start with: Project Start Time = Day 0 (Pick a future date. e. g. 11/01/2013) Required Project Completion Time = 180 days Required Completion Date = May 31, 2014 Scope (specify large, medium, or small wedding; identify key participants and guests) Cost (make cost effective decisions on wedding location, travel arrangements, etc. ; no requirement to specify activity costs) Develop a Work Breakdown Structure for the wedding.

Develop a list of activities to be completed between Day 0 and the wedding day (shoot for between 30 and 50 activities). For each activity: •Identify the individual (resource) who will be responsible for the activity •Develop a duration estimate •Develop immediate predecessor activities for each activity (no “dead-end” activities) •Develop a network diagram showing the interrelationships between all the activities •Determine the critical path and identify the activities that make up the critical path. Grading and Evaluation If you are part of the group, you will receive one grade for this assignment.

However, I reserve the right to report different grades for group members if I determine a substantial imbalance in the level of effort put forth. Each member of the group will also be required to evaluate the other group members using an Evaluation Form that I will provide to you. The team leader or other designated individual should upload the final group document to the ASSIGNMENTS tool located in the course website. In addition, EACH MEMBER OF THE GROUP SHOULD SUBMIT THEIR PORTION OF THE PAPER TO ME AS AN ATTACHMENT TO MY COURSE EMAIL. THIS IS MANDATORY. Non-compliance will result in deduction of points from final project grade.

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