Project Plan

6 June 2017

Tasks / Activities Responsible Start Date Finish Date 1. Analysis Project Objectives Identifying mission & vision Questionnaires with patients Meeting with experts Discussion with stakeholders Document current system Owner, Project Manager and Operation Manager Indep 2. Objectives and Requirement Scope: Business needs, requirements, deliverables, constraints and work breakdown structure Schedule: Activities schedule and project milestones Costs: Project budget and its funding approach Procurements: Required procurements and purchase processes 3. Design

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Infrustructure Design ERD of Health Record Normalization of DB Design database Web Interface Design Mobile Interface Design Documenting design specification Security Establish that Security documents (C&A, Privacy Impact Assessment, System of Record Notice, and Computer Match Agreement) are reviewed for completeness and accuracy and that Contingency/Disaster Recovery Plan includes complete procedures, arrangements and responsibilities Verify that project security risks are identified and mitigation plans are made Operation Manager, Architect and Designer Depend Development Develop system modules Integrate system modules Confirm the logic, risks, opportunities, assumptions and constraints Update and revise the activities, timelines and resources of the project Ensure that the project intervention activities are focused on addressing the risks and issues that pose the most immediate threats to project success Operation Manager, Integrated Project Team and Developer 5.

Testing Detailed Test Plans Perform system testing User Interface Testing Function Testing Data and Database Integrity Testing Performance Profiling Load Testing Document issues found Correct issues found Quality Assurance Coordinator, Tester and Developer 6. Implementation Onsite installation Setup database Import live data Integrate desktop Technical Coordinator, Deployment Team, Database Administrator and Network Technician Depend 7. Training Create list of target deparment Perform deparmental training needs analysis Report to training coordinator Post course outlines and schedule on intranet Training staff in data entry Training staff in reporting Training Coordinator and Trainer 8. Marketing Online Marketing TV Adv Public seminars

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