Project Procurement Phases Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Harmonizing to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK ) there are four stages in the undertaking procurance procedure. The PMBOK Guide ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) defines these as Plan Procurements. Behavior Procurements. Administer Procurements. and Close Procurements. ( p. 313 ) This paper will demo my apprehension of those undertaking stages and how I have applied them in my personal experience pull offing authorities conferences. Plan Procurements

The PMBOK Guide ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) states that “Plan Procurements is the procedure of documenting undertaking buying determinations. stipulating the attack. and placing possible Sellerss. ” Inputs include a baseline of the range. certification of the demands. teaming understandings. a hazard registry. contract determinations related to hazard. demands for activity resources. the undertaking agenda. estimations for activity costs. a baseline of cost public presentation. endeavor environmental factors. and the organisational procedure assets. These inputs will ensue in end products including the procurance direction program. the statement of work for the procurance. brand or purchase determinations. procurance paperss. standards used for beginning choice. and. if necessary. alteration petitions. ( p. 55 ) Plan Procurements ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) is besides where determinations are made on outside support including what sort of support will be required. the degrees of outside support that are needed. how and when the support should be acquired. Potential Sellerss are besides considered including what degree of control or liberty over acquisition determinations is best and who will be responsible for any relevant licences and licenses. Make or purchase hazards are besides considered during this stage. ( pp. 317-318 )

In my authorities conference undertakings. we take the program procurements phase earnestly. We write a elaborate statement of range with a description of the service or stuffs being procured. a tabular array of deliverables. and public presentation standards for those deliverables. Depending on the point. we may include a work dislocation construction ( WBS ) . Activity resources are defined for staff. equipment. and services. Activity cost estimations are based on both past public presentation and industry informations. We identify possible hazards through undertaking squad brainstorming. meetings with client capable affair experts. past conference attendant studies. and after action coverage from like conferences. From this information we develop a hazard registry and execute both qualitative and quantitative hazard analysis. Key differences between corporate and authorities sides include regulative demands that must be considered. teaming understandings follow rigorous authorities construction. we by and large must spouse with sellers on the GSA agenda. and the procurance procedures are ruled by the authorities undertaking officer under current ordinances. We about ever use firm-fixed monetary value contracts which have a set monetary value for defined services or equipment.

The PMBOK Guide ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) states that the Procurement Management Plan should depict how the procurance procedures are to be managed from the development of the procurance paperss through the contract closing stage. ( p. 324 ) Unfortunately. we do non ever develop an appropriate procurance direction program. It may be because most of the procurances for conference demands are little. The one exclusion is installation procurance. Because these have the possible to run 10s of 1000s of dollars. sometimes even into six figure contracts. so a really rigorous authorities procurance direction program is followed that includes the type of solicitation to be dropped. the type of contract vehicle to be used. elaborate statement of work. full hazard analysis. and really defined rating and awards standards. The PMBOK Guide ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) states that the statement of work ( SOW ) should be written to be complete. clear and concise ; it should include inside informations of any services to be required every bit good as specific content and format demands for the procurance. ( p. 326 )

While this is meant to supply for the best seller choice. at times my clients have non considered the SOW to be every bit of import as it is and non holding a decently defined SOW has hindered choice of the most effectual seller. Contracting officers can merely travel off what has been given to them and if the SOW is non clear. or is losing. the seller selected through the rating standards may non run into existent outlooks. The PMBOK Guide ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) defines procurement paperss as those paperss which are used to garner proposals from possible bidders during the solicitation procedure. These can be collected under petition for information ( RFI ) . invitation for command ( IB ) . petition for proposal ( RFP ) . petition for citation ( RFQ ) . invitation for dialogue. stamp notice or invitation for seller’s initial response. ( p. 326 )

In my concern. we by and large use RFPs that follow really rigorous authorities counsel. For illustration. we have different conference RFP templates for installations. for audio-visual sellers. talkers. transit sellers. selling and promotional stuffs. exhibit and trade show sellers. drayage. and auxiliary security sellers. The PMBOK Guide ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) defines beginning choice standards as portion of the procurance paperss. It can be every bit minimum as the monetary value of the point or service to highly elaborate standards such as an apprehension of demand. proficient capablenesss. hazard ownership and extenuation factors. the direction processes and processs. proficient attack. fiscal capacity. particular concern type and size classs. and past public presentation makings. ( p. 328 )

The beginning choice standard we use are really elaborate including statements of apprehension of demand ( demoing they clearly understand what our demands are ) . the proficient attack to be used ( how they are traveling to present including proficient eyeglasses for all audio-visual equipment ) . direction attack to be used ( what degree of direction is involved in the attention and eating of our demands ) . staffing makings ( sketchs of staff to be bid and experience relevant to our demands ) . public presentation step including agenda and fiscal Gatess ( clocking and action with punishments for non-performance ) . particular concern class ( precedence to service-disabled. veteran-owned little concerns ) . and proprietary rights ( all produced for the client is considered authorities owned ) . Behavior Procurements

The PMBOK Guide ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) states that “Conduct Procurements is the procedure of obtaining marketer responses. choosing a marketer. and presenting a contract. ” This is where commands and proposals are received. choice standards applied. and qualified marketer ( s ) accepted. ( p. 358 ) As my clients are largely authorities. we are non by and large involved in the behavior procurances stage. I would presume we would be if we supported corporate clients. However. we do assist prep the client to work with the undertaking officer to choose the most appropriate seller by supplying in depth estimations of activity resources and continuances. an accurate agenda with adequate flex built in to suit breaks and holds. a budget that is realistic and contains eventualities for inauspicious state of affairss. a undertaking squad able to put to death the undertaking to demands. and a methodological analysis to turn to alterations. We provide this through good thought out procurement paperss. development of relevant beginning choice standards. and comprehensive hazard registries and analysis. Merely when we have been brought on board by the undertaking functionary as capable affair experts to supply adept judgement are we to the full engaged in the behavior procurance procedure. The catching office selects the sellers and awards the contract. Administer Procurements

The PMBOK Guide ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) states “Administer Procurements is the procedure of pull offing procurement relationships. monitoring contract public presentation. and doing alterations and corrections as needed. ” It is during this stage that the seller’s public presentation must run into the procurance demands and the purchaser fulfills the footings of the contract. Performance is managed through contract alteration direction processes. public presentation reappraisals. audits and reviews. public presentation position studies. payment disposal. claims direction. and direction of records. ” ( p. 335 ) As the client’s conference undertaking director. I must by and large administrate the conference procurances. This is sometimes really hard since we are non engaged at the behavior procurances stage. in the choice of the seller. but we must pull off the seller to guarantee they run into the contractual duties.

This is addressed through on a regular basis scheduled pulse look into meetings and public presentation studies to supervise attachment to scope. proficient public presentation. agenda and cost. Quality control is managed through custodies on reappraisal and audit of all services provided and mandating disciplinary class of action if necessary. Payments are non made until the contractual demands are met. Changes are managed through formal alteration direction procedure that guarantee alterations are really necessary. the right alteration is being made at the right clip and that the client is engaged in the blessing of any alterations in range. agenda. or cost. We besides mitigate hazards through on-going accommodation of the hazard registry to guarantee we capture and address emerging hazards. Close Procurements

The PMBOK Guide ( Project Management Institute. 2008 ) provinces “Close Procurements is the procedure of finishing each undertaking procurement” and involves confirmation that all work and deliverables were acceptable. It involves administrative activities such as finalising claims and bills. updating procurance records to reflect concluding consequences. file awaying information for future usage ( p. 341 ) On my squad. we are responsible for all certification of the close procurances stage including formal reappraisal of the full procedure with informations points captured in lessons learned certification and rolled up into a formal after action study. Records direction is the biggest facet of the close procurances stage we are responsible for. This includes digest and care of deliverables binders that contain all written and electronic correspondence and stuffs including but non limited to contracts. public presentation tracking. audits and ratings. agendas. budgets. alteration petitions. actions taken. determinations made. proof for why the determinations were made. lessons learned and after action studies. Decisions

For the bulk of the authorities conference procurances I manage. I can and hold applied the four undertaking procurance processes. The major differences between corporate and authorities undertakings are the regulative and military environment under which I must execute. However. the four stages still use and should be followed. regardless of whether the client is authorities or corporate.


Project Management Institute. ( 2008 ) . A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
4th Edition. Newton Square. Pennsylvania: Undertaking Management Institute.

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