Project Proposal

12 December 2016

Within the vicinity of the barangay IV. Status: This project is new and must be reviewed thoroughly within the council of the barangay and the local government unit. V. Beneficiary: All the constituents will benefit the said project. It will help the barangay in experiencing floods not only cater the amount of waste carried on the drainages. So this project proposal could be a tool in changing the people’s perception on having such illness when heavy rains approaches in the barangay.

VI. Background: The flood problems will be easily counteracted because of the easy access to this establishment. VII. Justification: This project proposal must be prioritized by the barangay officials to cater the needs of their constituents. It is indeed a great help for the people. This is one way for them to easily access all the programs implemented by the barangay. Unfortunately, some of the resources are lacking, one of those is the recovering of drainages which would contribute a great help to the people.

Project Proposal Essay Example

It is universally accepted that having smooth flow on drainages contributes to a clean and safe place when bad instances like typhoons came, so therefore this project must not be taken for granted, for this will not only benefit the people and their family but the community as a whole. VIII. Objectives: If approved, this project will be able to: 1. Promote cleanliness and peace among the people in the community. 2. Provide easy access in response to safety problems during emergency cases. 3. Let the people maximize and make use the facilities offered by the barangay.

This project is a joint venture between the local government unit and the barangay council. The barangay council must be able to counterpart and appropriate a certain percent of budget that would sustain the quality and the efficiency of the facilities. The local government unit headed by the municipal mayor must find a way to obtain sponsorship to avail such materials from the Department of Public Works and Highway. The profits earned by the barangay will be used in maintaining the needs of the barangay.

Furthermore the profits will not only be used in maintaining but could also be used for emergency purposes among the constituents of the barangay. The barangay officials, together with the barangay treasurer spearheaded by the barangay captain will be the one responsible in managing, consolidating, and allocating the funds. Upon the construction of the project the barangay council should take into consideration in consulting the municipal engineer, in this way it could be a great help for them to have a blueprint on the kind of establishment they will construct.

The construction must be monitored by the barangay council with cooperation of the local government unit. The budget must be counterchecked from time to time to avoid discrepancies and possible loses. Receipts must be always be keep by the person in charge on that day. The barangay council in order to evaluate the progress of the project must include in their monthly session all the concerns that must be improved and maintain. It is also important that people must give their all out support to preserve integrity and feasibility. XIII.

Summary: The said project proposal is entitled, “Recovering of Drainage” which will be located within the vicinity of the barangay. This project proposal aims to lessen the community problems during calamities. It is to benefit all the constituents of the barangay especially when it comes to the safety problems during emergency cases as well as to educate the people in terms of doing what is right during calamities. This project is new and must be reviewed thoroughly within the council of the barangay and the local government unit.

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