Project Proposal Bcs

9 September 2016

This project work is on a local fashion house that aims to reach national and international consumer base. An e-commerce enabled web site provides an ideal solution for organizations with such goals in the most cost effective manner. Background Tanin Fashion Limited is a relatively new clothing and apparel business based in Middlesex, England. Initiating early 2012, they currently serve both corporate and retail consumers in the domestic and international market. International buyers currently needs to process orders through phone and email and has access to the limited information provided on the static web site www. aninfasion. co. uk, which also has a significant overhead to maintain. The owners are looking for a dynamic order processing system much like the high street fashion retailers and also integrate a CRM solution if possible. In addition to the client facing dynamic aspect of online commerce, management would like to provision for some internal automations which would allow generation of custom reports, allow integration of existing data and be able to create backups and exportable information with required minimum technical complexity for day to day operations and maintenance.

Proposed Solution This project work intends to provide a complete solution for the current requirements of Tanin Fasion Ltd incorporating the knowledge and skill set gained throughout the various courses of this degree. The final deliverable would be a user friendly dynamic e-commerce solution with additional various features on the back end for management and company employees to use. The project will implement a 3-tier approach using PHP as the programming language and MySQL in back end as database which will store customer information, product inventory, sales records and various other data.

Project Proposal Bcs Essay Example

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Flash will be implemented in the front end. Though this may be a small scale application which may only be constrained by the limited timeframe available, various techniques available from System Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Database Management, Principles of Internet Technologies, Web Engineering etc. courses are implemented. Objectives and Key features: * Design a new interface (not from template) which is user friendly and intuitive. Identifying, selecting and procuring appropriate web services * Designing and implement a user friendly shopping cart * Implementing a variety of secured payment checkout (Credit Cards, Paypal etc) methods * Provide online forms for feedbacks and traceable communication * Provide RSS and newsletters feeds * Separate product, customer and merchant databases * Auto generation of weekly and monthly reports on various sales figures as per requirements provided by management. * SEO optimization * Multi level admin accounts Easy to manage and maintain Milestones and Deliverables * Final Project Proposal * Current business data collection, requirement collection and documentation * Analysis of data, transformation of requirements in to functionalities * Development of the site * Testing evaluation version * Demonstrating evaluation version, presenting * Implementing feedback and bug fixing * Final implementation * Documentation for client * Final Project report Below is the Gantt chart for this project: Actual Word Count: 509

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