Project Report

6 June 2017

First of all, for group project we need to choose an application that will be translate into coding which can be successfully executed. After making some discussion with all the members of our group, we decided to make a windows form application namely Cakes Ordering Online System. This Cakes Ordering Online System has some main function that we decided so that every group member can do each of their unction.

The 3 main functions are the membership, order and lastly sales report. Then we also have named our cakes ordering online system as Mimi’s Cakes & Bakes for our group project. We had divided each of the members with one of their function so that work can be done properly and neatly. We propose this system as it will make human life become easier as customers don’t have to have to waste their time to go to the shop to buy cake. This system not also creates tor customers only, because it is also create tor us to make sure our cakes ordering online system will get a more manageable.

With the use of computers nowadays,we are able to create a system that can be the solution to our problems that we face everyday. The main purpose of our application is to overcome the problem face by random people when they have to waste their time to buy cake. Online ordering system is quite useful for those who do not have enough time to go outside. It is very easy to order cakes while sitting at home or in office with the help of online ordering system. The system provides complete customer satisfaction because the customers can register themselves on the websites.

Customers can place order without experiencing lengthy on holds or busy signals. Online ordering system help the customers to make the payment after get the cakes receive because this system don’t want to make customer feel trouble to make a payment online. Furthermore, objective of this group project is also to understand how to make a system or a windows application using Microsoft Visual Basic 2010. Whithin all the knowledge that we learn especially in Application Development Workshop,we able to create a system that I choose. By the way, this project objective is also to determine and analyze daily life system round us.

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