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9 September 2017

Mr.. Moral C. Moving Presented by: Motile, Jason Frizz A. Palsies, Ruin John A. July 1 l. Executive Summary A canned Jams, packaged dried fruits, producer and marketer named Yummy Company and all their products are made from pure natural exotic tropical Juice. The company is in good performance. From the field distribution, marketing, price, imports and exports aspects all are excellent. They also experienced massive expansions to the other part of the Philippines during past two years.

They also have a workforce over 1 , 200, from the scenario, the regular employees are 900 and about 300 are seasonal or temporary employees. Yummy Company’s workforces are currently non- unionized and its revenue has increased by about 20% in year 2004. On year 1990, yummy company bought two small companies located in southern. As time goes by, the acquisition did not go smoothly since one of the acquired companies had unionized employees and their human resource was not able to handle the situation.

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Project story
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The human resource was not able involved in strategic planning process.

As the result of this lack of human resource performance, the company deal several human resource related problems for at least three years, and result to detrimental to employee morale and productivity, with this experience the company’s top management should hire the right person in a certain position so that they could avoid any inevitable situations that they could encounter. However, unionized and non-unionized employees can be considered as the strength, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that could possibly help nor can be a problem in the past, present or future.

With this particular problems encountered, the human resource management should plan some alternative solutions on how solve the dilemmas which can affect their performance as a company. As the top management of the Yummy company is concerned, it should be strict in implementing their rules and regulations or by laws, they should also implement strict written communications to avoid miscommunication. And for the unionized employees of the company, it can be advantage for their part, but for the company’s point of view, as their primary goal is to earn more profit, it may be disadvantage for their part.

II. Statement of the Problem Managing people related issue result by company expansion. Company’s HER problem due to: unionized employees, lack performance management system, hiring practices that allowed members of the same family in a supervisor- employee relationship, inconsistent enforcement of employee discipline procedure despite the presence of a collective bargaining agreement, high incidence of theft, informal and autocratic manner, no written HER policies, prop unequipped human resource.

Lack of performance dress and communications tool and non-unionized employees Management system Incidence of theft unionized employees Harmonious relationship between company’s by-laws proper Employee and employer Hiring practices: implementation workforce proper selection Same family member Detrimental to employee morale Ill.

Areas of Consideration Strength Unionized employees Non-unionized employees Harmonious relationship between employee and employer Attained company’s Vision Goals Mission Objectives Strong communication Culture innovation Experience in people related issue on merger/expansion. Excellent Manpower and technology Weaknesses Unequipped HER Lack of concern of HER issues Lack of performance management employee system Hiring practices: same family member Lack to employee discipline

High incidence of theft Informal and autocratic management No written HER policies, procedures and communication flow management Opportunities Will increase customer satisfaction Will achieve VIGOR Will have good HER communications New management team Poor position in Governmental programs to develop or enhance employees deep understanding Threats Unionized employees Failure to attain company’s Vision Mission Goals Objectives Human Resource misunderstanding Wrong decision making Cultural diversity Labor unrest IV.

Alternative Course of Action 1. Company’s Human Resource should always fully-equipped. . Should have right company’s employee incentives. 3. Should hire right person in the right position. 4. Should have Company’s Human Resource written the policies, procedures and communication flow. 5. Should not practice hiring blood-related family members. 6. Employee violates any company policies and he should be subject to disciplinary action. 7. Should hire man power. 8. Employees should receive all mandatory compensation: P.

D 442 a decree instituting a labor code thereby revising and consolidation labor and social laws to afford protection to labor, promote employment and human sources development and insure industrial peace based on social Justice. 9. Employees should be protected off by laws: AREAWAY (an act instituting policies for the protection and welfare of domestic workers) Company’s Human Resource should always fully-equipped. Every human resource of a certain company should always be ready and have always alternative plans for every decision making in the company.

Human Resource should hire the right person in the right position, in order to achieve the vision, mission, goals and objective. Its part or function of HER is very important that’s why top-management should be reticular and scrutinizing in hiring their workforce. Employees should have right company’s incentives. This is to motivate the workforce to achieve the certain vision, mission, goal and objectives in the certain company. It workforces are highly motivated by the company’s incentives tater their hard works are being paid, they continue do their best performance in working their assigned Job.

Every employee deserves incentives or motivation after they are working for good. In relevance to Yummy Company, especially they experienced tremendous expansion nationally and hitting internally. Human Resource should hire the right person in the right position. If workforce is knowledgeable, his designated Job and it is easy to the management to less their work. It could also perform multitasking, well trained, people oriented (patience, hospitable, approachable, and trustworthy), hence, place the right person with all the knowledge and perseverance to work hard to serve the company.

One of the most important factors is the company’s Human Resource written HER policies, procedures and communication flow. Thus, the management should have written policies, procedures and communication flow to understand the employee- employer agreement either verbal or written agreement for both parties to have win- win situation. And to understand thoroughly the dos and don’t if middle management and thus top management is having problem with their workforce. Should not practice hiring blood related family member.

Due of some practices, in which is practiced by some employees in hiring their kin’s form some personal purposes. In some instances this is being practiced numerously of time in the Philippines, this is a distorted attitude of mostly Filipinos nowadays or lack of professionalism. Employee violates any company policies and procedures; he should e subjected to disciplinary action. If an employee disobeyed the top management, or because of recklessness, he should face the consequence as part of the company’s disciplinary action to correct the wrong doing and re-film human resource and workforce communications.

To be lawful, disciplinary action or dismissal must be fair and reasonable in all the circumstances with some limited exceptions. The employer must have good reason for the dismissal or disciplinary action, and the employer must follow a fair process in reaching and implementing its decision. Human resource should hire enough man power. Every station of a certain company hooked have a middle management to manage the business smoothly. Manpower’s HER services are designed to help the company make more effective and successful hiring decisions, and to increase retention once you bring employees on board.

Employees should receive all mandatory compensation: (P. D 442 a decree instituting a labor code thereby revising and consolidation labor and social laws to afford protection to labor, promote employment and human resources development and insure industrial peace based on social Justice. ) this is a motivation for the workforce to perform their Job well. It is now covered by the law makers to give all the mandatory compensation of the employees against opportunist employers.

Employees should be protected off by laws: (AREAWAY an act instituting policies for the protection and welfare of domestic workers). As stated by the republic act 10361 that no employees shall be abused by the employer and should be subjected to punished. V. Evaluation Analysis Based trot the theory to Douglas McGregor Theory X believes that most people do not like work. Workers are not smart or creative. People do not care about the organization and will adequately work when there are promises for rewards and potential punishments.

Moreover, Theory X manager believes that people want to have direction in order to evade responsibility. In relevance to the Yummy Company’s case, human resource is the main problem and which is facing several of problems in the company. If you hired this kind of person, you should be concerned and put them into disciplinary action to correct their distorted principles and attitude. Human Resource problems like this should be correct by the middle management as part of the Company’s Human Resource.

From the theory of 2 factors motivation hygiene and motivators: Quality of inter-personal relations, working conditions, Feelings of Job security, Status, Opportunity for advancement, Gaining recognition, Responsibility, Challenging / stimulating work, Sense of personal achievement & personal growth in a Job. With this aspect, human resource should be more particular and strict about their people and motivate them, challenge to develop skills and to dilate knowledge, know the quality for interpersonal relations, and your growth or experience towards working with several people.

From the Carrot and Stick theory which serves as a motivation. Carrot in the company can be a food, shelter, clothes as which is the basic assumption of Mascots theory. Because from Mascots Hierarchy of needs. So the stick represents fear, which can be a good motivator when used sparingly at the right time. It may produce immediate results that derive from prompt compliance. It is only useful in the short term though, as over time increasing levels of punishment would be necessary to obtain the same results and this can backfire in the form of mutiny and sabotage. VI. References O Douglas McGregor D. 1960), THEORY X and THEORY Y 0 Jim Riley, Motivation Theory (Hygiene Factors- Motivator Factors) – (Herbert) http://www. Tutors. Et/business/people/motivation_theory_Herbert. Asp 0 Carrot and Stick Theory http://imitate. Co. UK/professional/carrot-or-stick-approach/ VI’. Conclusion Therefore, from the given case, Yummy Company is experiencing human resource management. If by chance, the used theories Carrot and Stick, McGregor theory X, and Two factors theory Hygiene and Motivators could be a way to help on how to motivate their workforce towards their Human Resource Problem.

Hence, after finding the statement of the problem of the Yummy Company which are: unionized employees, lack performance management system, hiring practices that allowed embers of the same family in a supervisor- employee relationship, inconsistent enforcement of employee discipline procedure despite the presence of a collective bargaining agreement, high incidence of theft, informal and autocratic manner, no written H R policies, procedures and communications tool and unequipped human resource.

Fish bone theory was used as the instrument to distinguish the problem. Afterwards, SOOT or (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is being used to measure the company’s capability to strengthen the strength, solve the problems or weaknesses, grab the opportunities, and prepare a plan and let the many to experience the threats. I conclude that Yummy Company should strictly implement the alternative course of action because this may help to solve the company’s Human Resource.

With the proper rules and regulations, by-laws, communication, disciplinary action and written agreement and all human resource problems with the help of detailed action plan which is designed to create a new plan and or solutions to prevent any company’s weaknesses and threats and to firm company’s strength and opportunities. VIII. Recommendations The recommendations for this study are based on the results of the findings from the analysis. The following are the researcher’s recommendations: 1.

The human resource of Yummy Company should train their people workforce before upon hiring to avoid dilemmas. 2. Yummy Company should discipline their workforce or should be subjected to disciplinary action if ever he or she caught red handed. 3. Human resource or middle management should implement company’s by-laws, written agreement, and shouldn’t hire same family member. 4. The company should hire enough manpower with good skills and enough experience to reduce company’s human resource problems since this is the primary problem. The researchers recommend firming their human resource aspects since they find hard in including their people and motivate them by giving incentives, compensation through following the motivation theory. 6. The researchers recommend to make unionized united employee if a certain company is abusing the right of employee and non-unionized if the company is giving all the benefits and incentives of employee. 7. Human resource manager should also hire the right person in the right position to easily adjust the culture and environment which are some factors that affects human resource.

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