Promote Products

8 August 2016

1. 1 Choose a product or service that could be promoted. Explain how and why you would promote that product or service. Identify at least three types of personnel you could use to help you plan and organise the promotion. What role would they play? How would their skills and experience help you? At work we are currently promoting our GPS products. We have chosen to promote these via direct marketing and by targeting certain business types. I liaised with our sales consultants, who talk to these people on a daily basis, to advise on what language should be used and what information they felt was most relevant to put across.

We needed a graphic designer to create and develop ideas for the letters and DL flyers being sent. I also needed to involve juniors in the business to assist with folding letters and stuffing envelopes as we had determined that this would be a cheaper option for the business than using a mail house. 1. 2 Make a list of resources you would need for the promotion and identify where you could get them. Explain any actions you would need to take in order to have the resources ready for promotion.

Promote Products Essay Example

The database we purchased contained 7,000 leads so we then needed to purchase paper, envelops, ink, return stamps and organise postage. Paper, envelopes and labels for return address were all ordered in advance from Staples. Ink was also pre-ordered to ensure we didn’t run out during the print job. We then liaised with Australia Post to determine the best way to post this number of letters. We chose their “clean mail” option which meant having to mark each envelope with a pre paid stamp before taking to the post office. This stamp was purchased through Australia Post.

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