Pronouns Possessive Pronoun Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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Pronouns Possessive Pronoun Essay Sample
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1. Narrative and brooding
2. It’s a romantic love narrative. Because it’s about a adult male seeking to win the bosom of his love. 3. I ) renter – the authors friends ( homeboys ) and Mimmy stayed in the backrooms of the house. two ) machination – the author was captivated by Mimmy.

three ) audaciousness – the author wanted to declare his feelings to Mimmy which was non an option. four ) unmindful – Mimmy was non phased by the approachs and departures of others. 4. I ) My friends were renters in a certain house with backrooms. two ) I decided to near her to acquire to cognize her better.

three ) Mimmy was reserved and she seemed non to detect us or other people for that affair. 5. I ) Understand – non
two ) Until – opposite
three ) Unlike – non
four ) Underling – non
V ) Unfortunately – antonym
6. I ) Three nouns ( type of nouns ) – Mimmy. homeboys. first Proper nouns. common nouns. corporate nouns
two ) Three verbs – visiting. was. arch
three ) Three adjectives – long navy. attack. noise
four ) Three adverbs – mingle. bargained. jogged
V ) Three articles – the. an. a

six ) Three punctuations – it bit by bit became clear that. “I love this adult female. I am in love” ! seven ) Three concurrences – for. non. yet
eight ) Three pronouns – genitive pronoun: I foremost told her that I wanted my kids to hold dentitions like hers. lips like hers! Intensive and automatic pronouns – I introduced myself foremost and asked for her name. Relative pronouns –That twenty-four hours eventually came. the 01st of May. it was a vacation and it was perfect. nine ) One adverbial phrase – Then. one twenty-four hours while we were chew the fating along the manner. I realised from our preservation that she was besides in trouble…she was besides in love. ten ) Three prepositions – with. about. before

7. I ) My cat is really playful.
two ) He thought he was able to pay his ain school fees.
three ) These kids are doing a noise.
four ) This is so great intelligence ; I can’t believe I made it!
V ) When I was immature. I loved playing with dolls.
six ) She is an energetic immature adult female.
seven ) I’m on my manner place. hope I get at that place before it rains. eight ) In 1990 he led his squad to triumph.
nine ) Everyone has the right to populate merrily of all time after.
ten ) I travel by coach to school every twenty-four hours.
8. Scan
9. Skim

10. Survey reading
1. Love narrative. The storyteller was stating a narrative of how he would win the bosom of Mimmy who he was easy falling in love with. 2. No homophones found in the transition.
3. Naughty – you know you shouldn’t make it but yet you do. Mischievous – playing a buffoonery
4. Mimmy is a existent lady and doesn’t allow the pleasances of life deter her from her end. 5. Mimmy didn’t waste her clip chew the fating she had a end in head and wanted to accomplish it and the lone manner that would go on is if she kept herself busy with her surveies. 6. The author and Mimmy were really good friends and he didn’t want to destroy their friendly relationship by stating her how he truly felt about her. 7. Mimmy besides likely didn’t want it to alter their friendly relationship or particular feelings they shared as friends. She was scared she would trail him off. 8. The author realised that when he finally spoke to Mimmy and got an apprehension of the type/kind of individual she is it mesmorised him that he wanted more. 9. It didn’t bother the author that she was non interested. 10. Unavailable

11. Her qualities. she was an introvert. ever busy with her books. dressed suitably and really quiet yet slightly diffident. 12. The author was non certain of how she would respond when he followed her. It could either hold been to his advantage or disadvantage but he was diffident. 13. Mimmy would either be busy or non there at all. Mimmy was reserved and she seemed non to detect us or other people for that affair. Mimmy would recognize and be on her manner. 14. I realised that she was non like the other misss. Because we were doing a noise in forepart of the backrooms she decided to travel to the dorsum of the house with her books. I asked why she was analyzing outside – that is where I got the noise narrative. 15. The writer’s really first proper brush with Mimmy. 16. Paragraph 8

17. D – twenty-four hours
18. The author wanted Mimmy to catch the intimation of his feelings towards her by depicting his kids looks. 19. The author decided alternatively of ne’er stating Mimmy how he felt he will state her. 20. The author started to lose Mimmy during vacations. He got covetous when his friends asked about her. It dawned on him that he was inlove. He wanted to disregard his feelings for his friend. He was fearful of Mimmy’s response if he told her how he felt. Mimmy shared the same feelings but was besides excessively frightened to state the author. The author plucked up the bravery to state Mimmy how he felt about her and described his hereafter with her. She made as if she didn’t cognize what he was speaking about.

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