Prophet hood in Islam

4 April 2015
Discusses the importance,qualities,rights and duties of prophets in Islam.

This paper takes a look at the use of prophets in the Islamic religion. Islamic tradition numbers over two dozen figures sent to particular peoples, including David, Solomon, Noah, and Jonah,as well as the Arabian figures Hud, Salih, and Shuayb. The paper shows that all of them are “prophets” commissioned to warn their people: some are in addition “messengers” to whom scriptures are revealed. All prophets and messengers experienced initial rejection at the hands of their people, and some were killed .In every instance, God dealt harshly with the people. The paper also looks at the rights the Prophets were given, such as adherence and submission. The essay frequently quotes the Islamic holy textures.
“According to Islam when God appoints His prophet, in order to establish his identity and prophethood, the prophet is endowed with power to manifest a miracle and through it convince the people. We see that the miracle of each Prophet has been in accordance with the art and sciences of his time.”
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