6 June 2017

Traffic Flow Chart 2. Schedule Timeline 3. Projected Cost Chart 18 17 10 I love to bake all kinds of sweets; I know that my love for baking will help me to ucceed in opening and operating a bakery that will satisfy anyone that has a sweet tooth. In Great Bakes Bakery, you can choose from breads, muffins, pies, cakes, and much more, so much more it will be a place to come that you can try a new product every day and not have the same thing. With this new opportunity there are many steps that must be completed in order for this business to open and succeed.

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Set up and establish a budget Lease a store front space to open my bakery ($3,000/a month) Purchase all equipment and supplies Layout and design of bakery Hiring and training of employees To accomplish the necessary steps for opening a bakery, I will need to borrow an estimated $157,000. 00. I will use this amount open up a bakery and as working capital for the first six months of operation. Introduction My desire is to open a bakery like no other bakery in Burleson. Choosing a location on the main thoroughfare (Wilshire Blvd) would be a beneficial factor for this opportunity.

There is a major Highway under construction from Fort Worth into the Burleson/Joshua area, which will increase the traffic flow near my location. I will be open from 6:00 a. m. to 6:00 p. m. to give customers more opportunity to stop by on their way to and from work, for daily fresh baked goods. I will establish a relationship with local restaurants thru catering and other services, to help grow their business and mine. It’s always been my dream to own and operate a bakery. I estimate that it will cost me around $157,000. 0 dollars to start my business, it includes the lease of a building, all necessary baking & kitchen equipment, ingredient’s for baked goods and employee salaries for the first six months. In the southwest area of Burleson, there are no individually owned bakeries to hoose from. There is only Walmart and HEB in this area. I will provide a service that will give customers a wider varity of chooses that they cannot receive at Walmart and HEB. While there are other bakeries located on the north part of Burleson, they are not located on Wilshire where most of the traffic flows through, Burleson, Joshua and Cleburne.

The other two well established bakerys in Burleson are located on Renfro street less than one mile apart from each other and are between the 135 freeway and Wilshire Blvd, Looking at Map B, you will notice the traffic flow on Wilshire shows igher traffic flow numbers on Wilshire closer to the other two bakeries than my location, but the two bakeries are not located on Wilshire which is a main thoroughfare, for most commuters. Map 1 – (A) is the location of my bakery (B) is the location of Pinkys (C) is the location of Sweet Imagination Renfro and Wilshire.

Chart A – This charts shows the traffic flow count per location. My objective is to open and operate my own business by obtaining a loan, to cover the cost of all business startup expenses, as followed building lease, d©cor cost, goods cost, employee training and salary cost, business equipment and insurance. Solution Securing the location at 3509 SW Wilshire # Suite 100, Burleson TX 76028, once the building is secure, my next step will be to purchase all the necessary equipment and supplies need for operation and hire and train my staff.

Method I have graduated with an Associate in Occupational Studies Degree in Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie and Baking at Le Cordon Blue in Dallas, TX. With this degree, I gained the knowledge of advanced baking and pastry fundamentals with hands-on training and a well-rounded curriculum of management, communication and business courses that will add to my value in work place opportunities. Culinary arts or baking & astry arts are programs that gave me more knowledge and skill to dive right into a career, and build a future that is anything but ordinary.

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