Proposal for Kindergarten Courseware

1 January 2017

Introduction The early stages is the lives of children where the brain development growth rapidly. Although the brain develop continuously but the first three years are the most critical moment. This is because when the brain is more flexible and ready to learn something new. The weight of baby brain is almost 25% of the adult brain weight and when reaching the age of 3 years old, infant brain has evolved into a multi-million cell (which consists of neurons and brain cells, etc. ). The cells are then fused to form a multi-million “compact” (synapses).

Next the Link between these cells will form a complex control center for the development of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Because the development of babies brain growth actively and they are always in a good care with parents during the early stage, hence it is not possible for the parent to have a strong influence in their growth. This Pre-School Interactive Learning with Entertainment courseware provides colorful and lots of interesting picture and sound to attract this children interest to learn, they also can easily do the exercises provided because it is an interactive courseware which is simple to use. . 2 Problem Definitions * Fear Children are afraid to deal with strangers and they are also scared to be away from their parents, hence, this is a problem for parents because the child does not want to go to kindergarten and learn. * Hyperactive ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a common behavioral disorder that affects an estimated 8% to 10% of school-age children. Boys are about three times more likely than girl to be diagnosed with it. The main reason though it is never be define yet.

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Kids with the ADHD problem usually act without thinking, are hyperactive, and have trouble in focusing. They may understand what expected of them but have trouble following through because they can’t sit still, pay attention or attend to details. * Time Most of the children’s learn to know their first alphabets and numbers during their pre-school session, this is because, lack of attention from their parent. Parent nowadays are too busy with working and could not spend their time to teach their kids in learning ABC and 123 before entering pre-school. 1. Problem Objectives * Build Self Confidence This courseware will build children self confidence to overcome their fear to go to the kindergarten. With interactive learning system in this Pre-School Interactive Learning with Entertainment courseware, kids will be excited to learn in kindergarten later without parent besides them. * Pronunciation Using this Pre-School Interactive Learning with Entertainment, children will be train to pronounce and spell the correct accent. Hence, parent can overcome their children lisp problem easil * Make Learning Fun

Making use of technology such as digital photography, video and audio recording is a way of providing a practical learning experience. Using rhymes, sings and music encourage creativity, game and answer questions, this Pre-School Interactive Learning with Entertainment courseware will be a modern method to attract the interest of these young children and getting them onto the path of learning of a young age will help to develop good habits throughout their learning. * Time Save All children need a good guide in experience life and learning new things in their life.

Parent are usually a good influence and guide in experience life by using this Pre-School Interactive Learning with Entertainment courseware, parent can save time in finding an interactive subject or object to teach their child. 1. 4Project Scope * Children Initially, the infant brain is able to save a sound that has been heard. As an analogy, imagine we remove a document to “trash” on a computer, we still can find the document as long as it is not removed directly from the computer. This also explains why children learn language more easily rather than the mother tongue. Kindergartens Teacher The brain development will be stopped if the stimulation is not provided on an ongoing basis. Children who grow up without a proper stimulation of the brain are generally smaller compared with children who received stimulation and exposed to various experiences. Therefore, teacher need to have additional tools in teaching in order to attract the young children attention in learning to expose them in experiences. 1. 5Project Development Methodology Most multimedia project must be developed in several stages.

Some of it needs to be completed before a new stage is started and some of it can be combined or just skipped. In order to develop a successful project with achieving its goal, there are four basic stages in multimedia project is needed. These stages are: * Planning and Costing Each objective and message of the work will be identified to gain more information about the system. Before the system is start to be develop, all the multimedia expertise requirement such as graphic arts, audio, video and writing skills will be draft out.

In developing this system, we need to estimate the time and budget that is going to be used in completing the five elements of multimedia which is text, sound, image, audio and video. * Designing and Producing In this next stage, we will implement all the planning that has draft e out earlier to design a complete courseware. This is when we received many feedbacks from user until it achieves the customer satisfaction. We use a part of our knowledge and creativity in designing arts, video, and music in this courseware. This project is design using Adobe Flash, Photoshop CS5 and Apple Quick Time Player software.

We also use Acer Aspire 4736Z with Windows 7, Intel Pentium Processor T4200, and 3GB DDR3 memory with 160GB HDD hardware * Delivering Delivering is a product development stage when the testing level is complete. Before the final product is delivered to the end user, we need to ensure that all the software requirements is provided in running the courseware. Then only this courseware can be delivered to end user. 1. 6 Summary We might be wondering, what is the influence of genetics on development and intelligence of children?

Genes or genetic factors do play a role in determining intelligence and the intelligence of a child, however, surrounding where a person grew up surely are a factors to determine how much talent and ingenuity that is inherent to grow and expand. In other words, both factor is related and helping each other. With the simple and attractive courseware for pre-school learning, learning skills will turn to be more interesting, interactive and easy. Hence, it also helps parent and teacher to provide the young children with basic ABC and 123.

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