Propose Ways in Which Lifelong Learning in Personal

6 June 2017

February 2014 More confidence when talk in front of any people 4. To study Japanese -Join in Japanese club or Japanese Language School -Learn by heart Japanese alphabet April 2014 – Test weekly or monthly with my Japanese teacher. -Communicate fluently in Japanese. – Reading and understand all contents book in Japanese 5. To completion of BTEC courses -Get merit and distinction grade. – Go to class regularly April 2015 -Get BTEC’S degree 201 5 6. To improve Presentation skills -Practise more presentation in class. – Preparse for a talk -Speak more slowly and clearly. Class time May 2014 – Appear relaxed, confident and in control.

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Propose Ways in Which Lifelong Learning in Personal
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More confident when presentating in front of many people. 7. To improve knowledge about Business -Reading more Business book. -Produce a Gantt chart at the start. August2014 – Knowing more about business 8. To get Bachelor in Business in University of Sunderland -Continue study the University of Sunderland -Study hard. End December 2014 Get Business management Bachelor in 2016 9. Find a good Job -Apply a Job -Go to work on time. – Progression at work. -Talk to my parent or people who have more experience. 10. To get Master in Business management Study abroad at I-JK or Australia Early 2017 Get Master’s degree in Business management in 2018

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