Proposed CCS Alumni Tracing Software

5 May 2018

Nowadays, they have used various forms of market research to identify their key value to their alumni and reinforce that value consistently throughout all forms of immunization, either on print, online or through personal visits, events, and presentations.

The College of Computer Studies (CSS) of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation currently retrieves records of graduates from the Office of Alumni Relation. The office will records and updates the alumni directory with the use of spreadsheet.Information is gathered through various sources such as social networks, emails, yearbook or by filling out the alumni tracer as a clearance requirement. USPS Alumni Relations also maintains a bloodspot where photos and articles of latest news and activities related o alumni association are posted. Thus, the researchers strongly feel the need to develop a website and establish an Alumni association for the CSS Department. The main purpose of this study is to trace historical student and graduate information.

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It also aims to provide hubs of information offering college news, events, issues, along with association activities and organize seminar/workshop and training programs to build and foster CIT growth and development trends among CSS alumni, faculty and students.

With these objectives, the researchers composed of CSS faculty, induct a software development study for tracing CSS Alumni. It will serve as communication portal of CSS students and alumni professionals and their alma mater.The proposed CSS Alumni Tracing Software will: Provide a lifelong link between the alumni and their alma mater. Maintain a dynamic Alumni database. Engage the current students with the Alumni and can get useful career guidance from the alumni. Create common interest groups and provide a forum for discussion. Inform the alumni about the ongoing and future activities and help organize reunion with the help of Alumni association.

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