Pros and Cons of Alcohol and Drug Use

5 May 2017

Pros of drinking are often related to moderate use, while cons are related to abuse. However, determining pros and cons based on amount of use is not a fail-safe method. Pros oIn healthy individuals, decreased risk for heart disease oDecreased risk for type 2 diabetes oRaise good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol oReduce blood pressure oIncrease sociability oIncrease assertiveness oRelaxation oFor fun oAids in digestion oReduces blood clotting and risk of ischemic stroke oLike the taste Linked to reduced risk of Alzheimer’s oStudies indicate moderate use if connected to weight control by curbing sweets cravings oModerate use is linked to Cons oBeer belly oReduced nutrient absorption oIncreased risk of breast, uterine, mouth, esophageal cancer, among others oAlcohol poisoning oDeath oAddiction/dependence/alcoholism oIncreased risk for falls/injury oLower inhibitions leading to high risk behaviors, i. e. unprotected sex and drunk driving oFAS ocirrhosis.

Pancreatitis odementia oheart damage Severe dehydration oCardiomyopathy (irregular heartbeat) oDisrupts sleep oDepressant oIncreased risk of violent behaviors oMurder/rape/assault oExpense oLaw-breaking behaviors oEmbarrassing behaviors oPass out/Blackout oStroke oOsteoporosis oSuicide oSpousal/child abuse/neglect oIncreased risk for gout oHangover/vomiting oLead to bad eating behaviors oPoor decision making through misperceptions of own abilities Sources: S.

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M. A. R. T. : Students Monitoring Alcohol Responsibility Together.

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