Pros & Cons of Bottled Water

5 May 2016

Water coolers which are also categorized under bottled water provide cool and refreshing water to people that want it. Water coolers and carbonated water mounted on a dispenser are the best option for companies with great number of staff. Employees can easily get their drinking water from the dispenser in their companies.

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Pros & Cons of Bottled Water
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The clients of the companies can also make use of the waters in the dispensers. Every coin always has two sides. This is applicable to bottled water. It may be shocking for some people to hear that most of the bottled waters available today are not as pure as they are believed to be. Experiment carried out on bottled water proves that right.

The reason for this is because of the presence of many bogus bottled water companies in existence. They do not process their water. Upon analysis, there is no difference between their water and tap water. If that is the case, why then should people waste their money in buying bottled? Do you know that bottled water can cost tooth decay?

Are you surprise to hear this? This is a fact that many people do not know. Even bottled water produced under the best condition can also lead to this. Bottled water produced through distillation or osmosis lack fluoride ions in them which are present in natural water. Fluoride ions are needed to guide against tooth decay. So, you are exposing yourself to the dangers of developing tooth decay.

The greatest downside of bottled water is its effect on the environment. Given the number of people taking bottled water, the environment is littered with emptied plastic bottles; only a small fraction of these bottles can be recycled. They therefore constitute environment problem. One of the problems facing the contemporary world is the problem of waste management.

The government is spending a huge sum of money every year in order to manage this waste. Even if these plastic bottles can be recycled, many people drop them anyhow along the road. This does not present a better image of the society. Besides, when these plastic bottles are mixed with other degradable garbage, it will constitute some problems to the composters. Separating them from the degradable garbage becomes a very big problem for composters.

Owing to the amount spent in waste management, bottled water business indirectly take from the government the money they got from the business through taxation. There is also the danger of being exposed to chemicals when one is using bottled water.

This chemical does not emanate from water. It comes from the plastic bottles used in packaging bottled water. The chemical BPA which is the acronym for Bis-Phenol A is present in some plastic bottles used in packaging distilled water. As studies have revealed, this chemical can lead to serious health complications. Having known the pros and cons of bottled water, it is left for you to decide on the best line of action to take.

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