Prostitution, A pro or Cons?

?Prostitution is often called as the Worldโ€™s Oldest Profession. Itโ€™s been the around since the ancient civilization. There are so many Types of Prostitution for instance Street Prostitution where Men/Women are standing beside the road waiting for their Clients, another is Cyber Prostitution where it is widely happening now-a days and most of the victims/prostitutes are children. Article III Section 1 of the 1987 Constitution states that no person shall be deprived of Life, Liberty and Property without due Process of Law, nor any person shall be denied the Equal Protection of Law.

Most people believe that they deserve the rights that are granted by the government. A prime example of this is the right to do what you want with your body, as long as you donโ€™t hurt anybody else. For women/men its all they can do in order to break themselves of being poverty stricken sometimes.

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Prostitution, A pro or Cons?
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This is the only way to help their family in a faster way and hassle free. Legally, Being a prostitute is not a crime nor a sin but provided that we are a Catholic Country, Prostitution is against our Moral Law and decrease the Dignity of being a Good Christian and a human.

Does becoming a prostitute make you less of a person? I think a person’s choice of occupation should not be put down. It’s that person’s choice to do what they do and, whether you agree with it or not, they still deserve some respect. Nevertheless, Who are we to deprive them of their right to do whatever they want with their body? It could be the only thing that keeps them from feeding there family from hunger and poverty. As for me, I am in-favour of Legalizing Prostitution provided that they are of Legal Age because it can help minimizing the spreading of Sexually transmitted Diseases.

A long time ago, My Professor told us that in our City (Dipolog) . Prostitution is being legalized and because of that Prostitutes are oblige to go to City Health Once or Twice a Week for their Medical Check-Up and when the Doctors find out that she has a Sexually Transmitted Disease. She cannot longer continue her work. Thus, Legalizing Prostitution can minimize the spreading of such diseases and the government can supervised them. Peoples think that the prostitutes are one of the reasons why there are increasing people who has STD. This is because most of the prostitutes are drug addicts which cause HIV.

For the few bad ones, they would be the ones who would most benefit from legalization. Prostitutes could be provided with the necessary health and safety items to prevent any diseases or sicknesses from spreading. If prostitution was legal, they could have a designated place to work. I believe legalizing prostitution in our Country is next to impossible because we are a Religous Country and Iโ€™m sure that the Church will strongly opposed this. But I think we should embrace Diversity and our Lawmakers should think that Legalizing it has more benefits than being illegal.

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