Protecting Electronic Medical Records

4 April 2015
A look at how technology improves health care services

This paper examines the way advanced technology improves health care. The author looks at various fields for improvement such as quality of health care, costs of health care and the storing of health care information. Included is an analysis of objectives and opportunities for this new system.
Table of Contents

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Problem Definition/Opportunity
Data Analysis
Changes in the Health Care Delivery System?
Managed care New Users of Health Information?
Integrated Delivery System
The Electronic Medical Record?
Content of Electronic Medical Records?
Advantages of Electronic Medical Records?
Disadvantages of Electronic Medical Records
Why is Protection of Medical Records Information Critical?
Examples of Misuse?
Improper Disposal?
Improper Disclosure?
Improper Access
Methods By Which Electronic Records May Be Protected
Current Federal and State Legislation
Federal Protections?
Privacy Act of 1974?
Freedom of Information Act of 1966?
Americans with Disabilities Act?
Medicare Conditions of Participation?
Constitutional Law
State Protections?
Common Law
Private Sector
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability

From the paper:

“Information technology promises many benefits to health care. By helping to make accurate information more readily available to providers, payers, researchers, administrators, and patients, advanced computing and communications technology can help improve the quality and lower the costs of health care. Information technology is becoming increasingly important to the health care industry as organizations attempt to find ways of lowering the costs of care while improving its quality. Much of the demand for information technology is driven by structural changes in the health care industry and its methods of care. At the same time, the prospect of storing health information in electronic form raises concerns about patient privacy and data security.”

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