Protestant Reformation vs Scientific Revolution

When Martin Luther didn’t want to believe what the church tells him in the Protestant Reformation, and how Galileo Galilei didn’t want to believe Ptolemy’s observations because, they were wrong. In the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther rejected the Church’s statement that doing good deed would give you salvation, he held the Bible up as the sole source of religion, and he also rejected that the church hierarchy and priests had no special power. He didn’t allow confessions, pilgrimages, and prayer to saints, he also shortened the elaborate ritual of the mass and emphasized the sermon.

The detail that showed that Martin Luther wanted change was that he rejected five of the seven sacraments because, they weren’t in the bible. The indulgences that he banned that was enforced by Johann Tetzel, which lessened the time a soul would stay in Purgatory, Martin Luther banned. Galileo found a huge discovery after training the sky with a telescope all night, that would prove the church wrong once again like Martine Luther did in the Protestant Reformation.

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He discovered that the Church’s and Ptolemy’s views of the universe was wrong. Galileo Galilei found out that the universe was heliocentric, or a sun centered universe.

It is said that the Protestant Reformation influenced the Scientific Revolution in some ways. It might have been that Martin Luther proved the church wrong biblically. I believe once people heard about Martin searching for his own answers and them being granted, made Galileo Galilei looked for his own. In 1609, Galileo trained his telescope across the night sky and found something that would change everyone’s lives forever. Until the 1500’s, scholars accepted the theory of Ptolemy. He once said that the earth was the center of the universe. They believed him because, his theories eemed to agree with common sense, and it also matched the teachings of the church. In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus a Polish Scholar published On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres. Which stated his observations and beliefs on the universe. He provided evidence which supported Galileo’s theories. As you can see there weren’t many ways they were alike, and how they influenced each other but, they were the most important reasons. I believe that if Martin Luther didn’t break apart from the church and search for his own answers, we would have still probably believed that the earth was the center of the universe until a later time.

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