Protista General Characteristics Essay Sample

9 September 2017

* Eukaryotic
* Unicellular
* Microorganisms
* Asexual/sexual reproduction
* Flagella & A ; Cilia with 9+2 microtubules

* The term โ€œprotistโ€ is derived from the Grecian protiston. intending the โ€œfirst of all 1s. โ€ * Individual protists tend to be rather little. either unicellular or an uniform multicellular mass. At one point. โ€œProtistaโ€ encompassed everything that wasnโ€™t an animate being or works. until the coming of cellular biological science which noted cardinal differences between bacteriums and the remainder of life. * Now bacteriums are a separate class from protists.

* Animal-like Protists
( Mastigophorans. Sarcodines. Sporozoa. Ciliates ) * Fungus-like Protists
( Myxomycota. Acrasiomycota )
* Plant-like Protists
( Euglenophytes. Chrysophytes. Dinoflagellates )

Protists that are classified as animal-like are called protozoons and portion some common traits with animate beings. All animal-like protists are heterotrophs. Likewise. all animal-like protists are able to travel in their environment in order to happen their nutrient. Unlike. animate beings. nevertheless. animal-like protists are all unicellular.

* Mastigophorans โ€“ Protists with scourge ; mitotic division * Sarcodines โ€“ Protists with pseudopods ; by binary fission ( mitosis ) *
Sporozoa โ€“ Parasitic protists ; make non travel on their ain * Ciliates โ€“ Protists with cilia ; reproduces asexually ( binary fission ) or sexually ( junction )

1. Food
Protozoa provide nutrient for insect larvae. crustaceans and worms. which are taken by big animate beings like fishes. lobsters. boodles. and pediculosis pubis. which are eaten by adult male. 2. Symbiotic Protozoa
Certain Protozoa like Trichonympha and Colonymphya etc. live in the intestine of white ants which help in the digestion of cellulose. 3. Insect Control

Several Protozoas control harmful insects by prevailing their organic structures. 4. Helpful in Sanitation
A big figure of protozoa life in contaminated H2O provender upon waste organic affairs and therefore sublimate it. 5. Oil Exploration
Petroleum is organic beginning. The skeletal sedimentation of Formmifera and Radiolaria are frequently found in association with oil sedimentations. In this mode they help in the exact location of oil. 6. Scientific Study

Many Protozoas are used in biological and medical researches. A Holotricha. Tetrachymena geleiiis used in nutritionary research. The effects of assorted nutrients and toxicants have been investigated on this protozoon.

Plant-like protists are autophytic. They can populate in dirt. on the bark of trees. in fresh H2O. and in salt H2O. These protists are really of import to the Earth because they produce a batch of O. and most living things need O to last. Furthermore. these plant-like protists form the base of aquatic nutrient ironss.

* euglenophytes โ€“ Unicellular. photosynthetic. individual scourge * chrysophytes โ€“ Unicellular. photosynthetic. chlorophyll a and hundred * dinoflagellates โ€“ Unicellular. two whirling scourge. chlorophyll a and degree Celsius

Economic Importance ( PROTISTA )
Protists are really of import in biological and economic point of position. They are utile in the undermentioned manners: * Source of nutrient:
Some protests such as kelps are comestible and may be used to get the better of deficit of nutrient in universe. * Source of commercial merchandises:
Many marine protests are besides beginning of many utile substances like algin. agar. Irish moss and antiseptics. * Source of medical specialties:
Sodium Laminaria sulfate is used as a blood coagulator. Fucoidin and Lipo-Hepin are the algae merchandises. which are besides used as blood coagulators. Lyngbya produces an anticancer compound.

* Source of mineral:
Kelps are rich in Na. K. iodine etc. They are good beginning of these minerals. * Biological research:
Protists are besides used in biological researches e. g. Chlorella is unicellular non-motile green algae. * Primary Producer of Aquatic Ecosystem:
Most of the protests are primary manufacturers of the aquatic ecosystem therefore they play a basic function in nutrient ironss. supplying nutrient and O to other beings. * Pathogens: Most of the organisms belongs to this group are infective beings. They cause many diseases in adult male or in veggies and fruits like it do late blight murphies in murphies and causes diseases in some fishes.

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