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8 August 2016

I introduced myself to the learner and made sure the learner was fully aware of the assignment and that I would be observing her during her task. The task is working in a cafe and carrying out all of the necessary duties that entails. I noted from Georgina`s records that her literacy score was currently level 2, numeracy level 1, indicated Kinaesthetic learner within normal Dyslexia range.

The first thing I noticed about Georgina was that she was a very pleasant and well-presented lady wearing clean and smart attire and had her hair tied up with a comb. On arriving at the cafe Georgina was introduced to the owner of the cafe by Sue a lady from ACT. Georgina wasted no time in taking her place behind the counter, introduced herself properly to her new colleagues then promptly went to the sink and washed her hands.

Now settled and ready she began to fulfil her task, she set about washing up the dirty dishes rinsing the cups and plates with clean warm water as she went along, clearing down work surfaces using the colour coded cloths provided for each specific tasks and maintaining the strict level of hygiene expected.

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On being prompted Georgina would serve customers giving them any information that they required for example what was the specials of the day, how much particular items were, taking payment and dispensing change correctly as required.

On taking orders Georgina would advise customers how long their food would take to be processed, she would show them to a table of their choice and then she would bring the food out to the customer when the food was ready. Georgina would watch for customers finishing their meals. Once the customers had got up and left Georgina would clean away the dirty pots and wipe down the table with the correct cleaning fluid and cloth for that purpose. Bearing in mind health and safety Georgina would straighten up any chairs and tuck them back under the tables to alleviate any possible trip hazards.

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