4 April 2015
Describes the conditions that can be aided by the medication Prozac. Discusses the beneficial effects of Prozac & possible side effects.

Although medical evidence suggests that Prozac has many benefits, there is potential for widespread abuse of this drug because the public perceives it as a panacea. Critics of Prozac claim its marketers pander to the American desire for a quick fix for personality disorders as evidenced by the popularity of Valium in the 1950s and cocaine in the 1980s. Prozac has become the glamour drug of the 1990s because it promises to deliver society from its private ills, sans the struggle involved in acquiring effective coping strategies to deal with life’s problems.

Prozac was invented and marketed by Eli Lilly in 1988 and became an instant success. The number of Prozac prescriptions jumped from 2.5 million in 1988 to 9.6 million in 1992. Prozac is currently the top-selling drug among …

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