10 October 2019


Music is more emotional than intellectual, and language barriers don’t exist when cheesy but good pop music is present. Want proof? Check out Alizee’s December 2007 release, “Psychedelices”.

The first single, “Mademoiselle Juliette” is cute dance-pop song that starts you off on a roller-coaster ride of sugary-sweet pop, somber slow tunes, and even Alizee’s cute, but interesting dabble into hip-hop.

As someone who generally doesn’t like slow songs, the title track “Psychedelices”, “Idealiser”, and “L’Effet”, don’t do much for me. But “Par Le Paupieres” does, with Alizee’s cooing voice and the cool dreamy music. Yet it’s the radio-friendly pop songs that carry the album, like “Lilly Town”, “Jamais Plus” and my favorite, “Fifty-Sixty” (a song about the not-so-happy and rather short life of Warhol Superstar, Edie Sedgwick.)

This is Alizee’s third album, after Gourmandises and Mes Courants Electriques, and the first one without the creative guidance of another French superstar, Mylene Farmer (who is also another favorite singer of mine.) While the absence of the environment created by Mylene’s lyrics and producer Laurent Boutonnat’s music is obvious, it’s still a great CD, perfect for popping into you car and singing along to lyrics you only partially understand.

“Psychedelices” is a sweet treat that’s great for anyone who wants to experience some good music beyond what our stateside pop-stars have to offer. And all I have to say for that is, “Merci, Alizee!”

1. Mademoiselle Juliette
2. Fifty Sixty
3. Mon Taxi Driver
4. Jamais Plus
5. Psychedelices
6. Decollages
7. Par Les Paupieres
8. Lilly Town
9. Lonely List
10. Idealiser
11. Effet


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