Psychology Career

4 April 2015
An examination of the expectations of a person entering a career in psychology.

This paper looks at what a student embarking on path of psychology studies, should expect from a curriculum. It also examines what personal traits are needed by a psychologist in order to be a successful professional – compassion, insight, awareness, non-judgmental, etc. It also shows how a person needs to have a strong personality because the stories one is exposed to during sessions are often very emotional.
“A career in psychology can be one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have. A therapist helps patients cope with their problems and helps them understand why they have these problems. They act as an adviser, a problem solver, and a listener. A good therapist can help a dismal person find happiness in everyday life. Learning to become a therapist takes dedication, and a sturdy work ethic. There are many valuable skills that must be acquired before a therapist can begin his or her trade. These skills can be acquired by taking undergraduate coursework in a school of liberal arts. To become a therapist, one must take the necessary psychology courses to gain a complete understanding of the human mind. They must also learn certain other skills that are not related to psychology. These classes are offered as part of the college liberal arts curriculum. While only a bachelor’s degree is necessary to become a therapist, post graduate and doctoral study is needed if a student chooses to become a psychologist.”

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