Psychology of Hate

3 March 2017

The Social Psychology of Hate behind the Holocaust Hate is everywhere. It always has been, from the beginning of time. When the cavemen started forming intense dislikes for one another over the last coconut to present day, when suicide bombers take their own and the lives of innocent people to express their hate. And somewhere in between those two occurrences, are hundreds and thousands of additional incidents that sprung from hate toward a concept, system or person.

Prejudice, racism segregation, war, murder, genocide; they all develop from a person’s mind: their thoughts and feelings. One of the most commonly known acts of hate is genocide, the Holocaust, to be specific. The Holocaust was an attempt to wipe out the entire population of people that were thought of as subhuman, mainly the Jews. It is important to understand the social psychology of hate during the Holocaust in order to explain why it had occurred initially.

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What is hate?

This question can be answered in two different perspectives: religious and scientific. Scientifically, there is no way to measure hate, since it is a human emotion. Religious beliefs are never ending in variety, there is always someone to disagree or clarify. A difference in opinion is a key cause of hate. Hate is a total rejection of or disgust of a certain thing. If someone hates evil, they’ll go against it. If that thing truly is bad, then hate could actually be acceptable, and might really be for the better.

But when hate is used against a thing that is good or causing no harm, it’s a problem. The concern is toward the people or groups whose hate is misdirected, not “hate” itself. Where does hate come from? There is hate that is expressed through groups committing hate crimes because they all believe in the same thing vs. hate that is expressed because that individual/group is trying to prove something to the people around them. Everyone has their own opinions

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