Psychology, Psychiatry and Society

4 April 2015
This paper compares the psychiatrist and psychologist in the two books, “House of Games” and “Equus”.

This paper is a comparison and an analysis of psychiatrists and psychologists using the characters from “House of Games” and “Equus” to examine their purpose in society. The paper uses these two plays to examine the two doctors’ relationships with their patients, society, and eventually, each other.
From the paper:

Ford and Dysart both suffer from a crisis of purpose, which allows the reader or audience to see through the facade of their reconstructed identities. Over the course of the plays Ford and Dysart are seeking their purpose by searching for inner fulfillment or simply a personal understanding with themselves. The plays are crafted to allow the audience to watch these important moments which comment so heavily upon society, by creating similar situations where the role of psychiatrist and subject are reversed and everyone is put on the crux of a breakdown. Dysart breaks down when he is confronted with the reality that he needs to treat Allen.

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