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2 February 2017

To ensure sessions’ aims and objectives are meaningful and applicable to students the teaching role incorporates ongoing administration and assessment. My role is to create a safe learning environment to establish open and trusting relationships. The main responsibility of the teacher is to continually reassess development and change during the course and create a seamless transition to ensure smooth delivery.

Completing attendance record, maintaining records of learner’s progress, attending meeting includes my daily responsibility.It is my responsibility to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of my delivery by taking into account learners changing needs. Boundaries ground our ethics; they are core to recognizing our limitations and realizing when changes may be needed. Being open to change and incorporating others’ input involves recognizing when boundaries must be revisited. Understanding when a student requires further help beyond your remit is a boundary which should be effectively utilized. Summarise key aspects of relevant current legislative requirements and codes of practice within a specific context: You need to be aware of key aspects of current legislation and codes of practice relevant to your subject and organization “(Ann gravells, 2008, p19) As an IT teacher in further education sector I have to be aware about “the Equal Opportunity Act (2006), The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) and Disability Right Commission (DRC). They aim to eliminate discrimination, reduce inequality, protect human rights and to build good relations , ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to participate in the society.

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Apart from that, I have to be aware about Disability Discrimination Act (2005), Sex Discrimination Act (1975), Race Relation Act (1976), Data Protection Act(1998). As most of my students need a VISA from UKBA, I have to be aware about the UKBA rules and regulations as well. To work as a teacher in UK, I have to follow the code of conduct from LLUK. Review the points of referral available to meets the potential needs of learner: For students to effectively participate in learning any barriers or boundaries must be initially identified and then continuously monitored throughout the course.This promotes a sense of inclusion, equality and diversity at an individual level, which translates to a more beneficial group learning experience during the course. Financial pressures, reluctance to train, learning difficulties, travel issues, access to resources and cultural or peer pressure can all contribute to learners boundaries; however access to the course should be open to all regardless of race, religion, age, disability, gender or special needs. Collecting this data also helps identify areas that may require referral to scribes, counseling, creche facilities, health advice or a basic skills tutor in order to overcome obstacles.

Discuss issues of equality and diversity, and ways to promote inclusion All learners are entitled to equal opportunities, and any communication with students should reflect this. Reece and Walker, (2000 p379) Promoting inclusion by identifying variation in needs ensures that learners have equality throughout their learning experience. Data collection through assessment etc is useful when analyzed, acted upon and continuously monitored to ensure consistency in equality. Promoting equality through more effective allocation and targeting of differing resources according to individual need is essential to the learning experience.Implementing different strategies throughout the holistic health and wellbeing course helps learners explore, question and develop an understanding of issues regarding diversity. Recognizing, differences and celebrating them through varying teaching methods responds to pupils’ diverse learning needs and supports learning activities which challenge prejudice and negative attitudes. Promoting diversity encourages widening participation and gives pupils the opportunity to share their own understanding while learning from their peers experiences.

Justify the need for record keepingTeachers have to keep the records all the time which includes records of student’s information, improvement, weakness, learning difficulties, lectures etc. I always keep the record to comply with the legislation and code of conduct and practice as well. Without having any records about students, it is difficult to provide the equal opportunity of learning for the students. Understand appropriate teaching and learning in approaches in the specialist area. Identity, adapt and use relevant approaches to teaching and learning in relation to the specialist areaWhen I teach I try to cater for all learning styles by using various teaching methods and strategies. These included PowerPoint slides, talking, Q&A, discussions, practical labs, writing and drawing on worksheets and using a whiteboard to collect and analyze information. Auditory learners’ may benefit from discussion, listening to presentations and questions and answers.

Visual learners may benefit from whiteboard drawings, on-screen computer demonstrations, and handouts. Tactile/Kinaesthetic learners benefit more from the practical labs, building networks and producing their wn work. There are unique differences in the way people learn and we must recognise this and not regard individuals as one group or body of students. (Reece & Walker, 2002, p178) When students are reading the online material I try to walk around the class and aid any students who need it, I also try to make the teaching session as differential as possible with the morning covering presentations, discussions, Q & A and reading the online material and the afternoon covering mainly practical activities. [pic] The Learning CycleEvaluate a range of ways to embed elements of functional skills in the specialist area I always embed numeracy, literacy and IT skills in my entire lesson. As I teach IT most of my session has practical session which depends on IT skill only. I always use power point presentation for my lecture as it is a effective way of learning.

At the same time I do use white board and pens as well. I try to create some computer games to teach learners. By playing these games learners learner something while they enjoy the game.I use different case study and simulation software to give the understanding to the learners about the real world scenario and the industry standards. Evaluate the teaching and learning approaches for a specific session. Of leadership for an organization, industry or sector I always try to split the teaching sessions fifty fifty, in the morning we do the presentations, questions and answers and in the afternoon we do practical assignments and lab session. When participating in the lab session the students usually work in pairs.

When teaching in the practical lab session, I also ensure that I am available for guidance and advice; I also give each student some personal time. When I could manage the time to go to every individual learner to find out the individual needs, I can help them most. Session like this can provide the maximum inclusive learning for the student if the number of learners is reasonable for me to give the personal support to everyone. I like these kind of session most as it can help the learners to learn something very easily. Demonstrate session planning skillsPlan a teaching and learning session which meets the needs of individual learners I have found that, planning a session is the most important part for inclusive learning. I always spend reasonable time to plan my lesson properly. I try to make sure, all of my lesson will be the combination of literacy, numeracy and IT skills which will deliver most to a learner.

In my lesson plan I describe what are the aims and objective of my lesson and how it will be meet. My lesson plan includes a session, which describes the situation after finishing the lesson.I always make sure there is enough plan to engage the learners with learning process which could be the assessing criteria for their learning as well. I always start my lesson with the review of the last class and I finish the lesson after having a quick review of present lesson. Planning for the resources, what I do use in my lesson, comes under my session planning. Without having enough resources I cannot deliver an inclusive learning session. The common resources I do use are the Power Point presentation, white board, pen and duster, different application software, computer, network etc.

I normally do a presentation for the first twenty minutes of my teaching session, these sessions are planned so that the students do not have to use the computer and there is no interaction between computer and presentation, the reason for lack of interaction is that it can be very distracting for the students when they have to look from one to the other. After twenty minute presentation I always engage the students in conversation and ask them what they think of the chapter that they are studying and situations that it might apply to.

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