Ptlls essay assessment and feedback

8 August 2016

To include the learner in the feedback process confidence must exist between the tutor and learner. The learner’s feelings must be considered and the goal is to create positive reinforcement. The simple format of, what was good? Why was it good? What areas could be improved? And how to improve, can be used to offer and aid encouragement, be that in either written or in verbal form. I would like a face to face to meeting to discuss the essay and give verbal feedback.

Feedback during a conversation about the essay can be exploratory, seeking to understand the background thinking of the learner, especially if there is evidence of inconsistent or unexpected outcomes. Verbal feedback is a fantastic tool and expectations and aspirations can be aired by both parties. Body language and tone of voice have huge implications in the addressing and giving of constructive feedback. Care must be taken and each individual situation will be different. Obviously time constraints and the type of learner and type of course will dictate whether this is possible.

Ptlls essay assessment and feedback Essay Example

A short written feedback addressing the essay and the points covered can be used. This written feedback can become a record of the achievement. It is best if it not to lengthy, clear and precise concentrating on the positive outcomes to assist the learner to see where he can improve. A written feedback is also good as it will allow the learner to revisit some comments at a later date. A simple feedback form can be used and offers direct no conflict yes or no style comments or answers.

It should read as if the student has passed through certain gateways or not in their learning process. These gateways have to be answered and in some ways, force the tutor to address key points. Some students can often feel that this method of feedback can be a bit “tick in the box” and be slightly cold or impersonal. Care should be taken to ensure that a final comments box contains a short positive statement offering encouragement and a pathway of improvement. Constructive feedback is crucial, without it the learners cannot learn.

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