Ptsd Essay Research Paper PTSD as defined

9 September 2017

Ptsd Essay, Research Paper

PTSD, as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition ( DSM-IV ) , is & # 8220 ; the development of characteristic symptoms following exposure to an utmost traumatic stressor affecting direct personal experience of an event that involves existent or threatened decease or serious hurt & # 8221 ; ( American Psychiatric Association, 1994, p. 424 ) . PTSD can besides develop from & # 8220 ; sing menaces to one s physical unity ; witnessing another individual s serious hurt, decease, or threatened physical unity ; and larning about decease or serious hurt to household members or friends & # 8221 ; ( Brannon & A ; Feist, 1997, p. 99 ) .

The development of the diagnosing of PTSD originated from military veterans who came back from war with shell daze or battle/combat weariness ( conversational names for PTSD ) . Many of these veterans, peculiarly after the Vietnam War, wholly exhibited similar bunchs of jobs. These characteristic symptoms finally were grouped together and a nexus was established to traumatic events ( peculiarly those that involve a menace to life ) . Repeated research and surveies found support for traumatic stressors doing these symptoms and led to the development of Po

sttraumatic emphasis as a upset.

PTSD affects 100s of 1000s of people, of all ages and gender, who have been subjected to violent events, such as war, colza, kid and domestic maltreatment, and natural catastrophes. The prevalence in the population for clinically diagnosable PTSD is estimated to be about one to three per centum, while still higher Numberss of the population ( about 15 per centum ) exhibit some of the characteristic symptoms of the upset. Surveies of at-risk persons ( victims of condemnable force, combat veterans ) have yielded prevalence rates runing from three to 58 per centum ( American Psychiatric Association Online, 1998 ) .

The symptoms of PTSD include recurrent and intrusive flashbacks of the traumatic event in the signifier of graphic reveries or incubuss, and intense emotional perturbations and reactions to people and state of affairss ( sometimes without cause or aggravation ) . Events that resemble the original experience, conversations, and day of remembrances of the event can trip these symptoms. For illustration, a immature adult female who was raped and later diagnosed with PTSD exhibited terrorizing flashbacks of the onslaught, particularly around the anniversary day of the month of the colza.

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