Public Health

10 October 2016

Well being in terms of health status is one of the basic needs of humans. The well being ad health of citizens is a clause that is embedded in the constitution and the state and federal governments are charge with that responsibility. It is crucial to comprehend the functions of the public health which have been assigned to the grassroots public health departments. Assessment Assessment in public health entails collecting of data, analyzing it and finally disseminating the health information.

Assessment is instrumental in pinpointing the environmental, physical and mental issues concerning health. Information is gathered during assessment. One of the agencies charged with the responsibility of conducting assessment includes Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Assessment is done to ensure that health practices are proper in the hospitals country wide. There are various practices and processes which are expected in the assessments exercises. Some of the information collected during assessment includes the health well being of various societies in the country.

Public Health Essay Example

Therefore, various health problems, their causes and probable measures data are collected. There is also investigation of the health problems and dangers which the community is exposed and the diagnosis measures. Other miscellaneous parts of the assessment include investigation of the prevailing environmental conditions and the waste handling and management. Sanitation is also taken into consideration the assessment is subjective when it comes to health parameters ‘health.

After the information is gathered, it is used to address the societies’ needs as far as public health is concerned. Numerous indicators of health are analyzed. Prevalence of common sicknesses and control measures are also established (Chin, 2000). Policies There are policies which have necessitated the availability of surveillance systems to address any form of danger to public with urgency and speed. Policies and laws in the pubic heath are important. Preventive and monitoring measures have been put in for both communicable and non communicable diseases.

Health promotions are conducted to ensure that public environment is conserved by ensuring the wastes products are disposed in a manner that will not affect the public health. Goals of various different health centers have been realized effectively due to public regulations. Therefore, policies are formulated in order to oversee the realization of goals and objectives of public health. For provision of better services to general public, laws and regulations should be formulated in order to address the major issues of concern the public health sector (Eastman, 2000).

Assurance Numerous health promotions are conducted for better public health. Some of these promotions include medical checkups which are free of charge and monitoring of citizens to maintain and ensure stability of their health. Quality is securitized through constant monitoring of the health facilities in the country to ensure that health service are rendered in a professional and competent manner. Drugs and health equipments are tested to ensure that they do not pose health hazards to the patients.

Ways have been devised to investigate the probable hazard such as physical and mental hazards. Some of these ways includes the technical epidemiology. Health care plan has achieved its objectives by offering education to the public and giving them proper methods on how to acquire proper heath care by improving their living standards (Gostin, 2000). Conclusion Assessment in public health entails collecting of data, analyzing it and finally disseminating the health information.

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