Public Sexual Behavior

4 April 2015
Legal, social, psychological & religious factors affecting acceptance of sexual expression by individuals & couples.

The freedom to express sexual behavior in public is subject to considerable social control. Institutions such as the family, church, peers, the media, and government all play roles in defining acceptable displays of affection. The social scripts developed by these institutions dictate the intensity of sexual expression permissable in public.
Sexual behavior can be described on a continuum based on the intensity of intimacy involved. Thus, kissing and necking are viewed as less intense than petting or sexual intercourse. The degree to which sexual activity in public is permitted is largely a function of community legal statutes. As Atkinson (1989) notes, Almost any sexual behavior a human being could commit is illegal under some state or federal sexual statute (p. 466). In general, crimes against public decency and morality include..

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