The homework assignments was a great way to learn more of public speaking. The book provides great information of different parts of public speaking. The questions in the book made me understand more into depth of the different parts. find it useful because it would improve the quality of my speeches. For example it learned the difference between a informative and persuasive speech, Also I learned what to include in my speeches to deliver my message. I think this helped understand and it also covered different parts of public speaking.

Sometimes there was times the questions found in the book were to long and it would repeat itself to explain. It was a great way to read the chapters and understand It to answer the questions. We would review It In class and discussed It together in the class. Most of the questions in the test were found in the book. It helped a lot to read the chapters in the book because it was connected to the questions found in the exams. It also helped improve different ways your speeches and how to handle different situations while giving a speech. The online class was a nice way to take a rest and learn at the same time.

Reading different chapters in the book and answering questions located on blackboard was a great idea. The class would answer the questions and get to share their answers and thoughts about the answers found on blackboard. Its a great way to read what are other peoples thoughts which we can learn from. The online classes is a great way to learn and relax. Going to class at 6:45 am isn’t easy because its really early but you should keep the online classes it does help students learn and be ready for their speeches. In the mid term exam It was a fair exam.

It Is fair due to the things found on the exam should be things that the class should have learned and studied. The only thing i think would help a lot would do some type of essay. Some times students are better off

Page 2 Public speaking Essay

writing their thoughts on exams then doing multiple choices. It would also allow to boost the grade of the student in the exam some way. It would help a lot doing a essay in the exam. The presentations were great in my point of view. We covered different type of speeches. I found it a good idea to do so. In life we wont always do the same things ult different things will come around.

I learned a lot In doing my presentations. The very first speech i was nervous. After reading the book and going to class i learned how to improve to do the speeches. I started to wake up on or two hours earlier and review my preventions. I also went to be one of the first ones to present to get things over with. I love the preventions because I will certainly use It In my life. I learned many things in this class. I’m glad i took this class because public speaking isn’t easy. It takes time and preparation to do a great job. I know now how to o a good quality speech and how to improve day by day in my speeches.

I finally got my fear of talking In public away. I enjoyed every part of this class. The way you teched and the assignments were what made me improved In my speeches and gave me confidence to do so. I think nothing should be changed in this class. Keep 1 to improve in their speeches and to learn. Everything in the class was done well. Everything had a sequence. For example we had to do the assignments to learn and to develop our skills in public speaking. Those assignments also helped us in our exam because those questions were in the exam.

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