Public Transport

8 August 2016

Agreeing with the statement that public transport is less commonly used in the world than private transport due to some causes which prevent us from the use of public transport frequently. Total number of cars available in UK are increasing dramatically from 1888 and it is estimated that by by200 there will be 29 millions cars on the British road.

This tremendous increase in car use causes the reduction in public transport which is now suggested as more efficient than cars because they don’t need more economical aid like cars and only 4% of total maintenance cost is required unlike cars with 17% of total world’s wealth is poured on its maintenance. Cars consume more than 5% of the salary of a person but it also gives privacy and safety from others and it also helpful in family trips and this type of transport is a little bit pollution free due to less consumption of fuels or pollutants than public transport.

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It can be run in bad climatic condition too and in different landscape such as hilly mountains were trains cannot develop a good network. Although, cars are helpful in keeping your journey private but has risen economical fears on the international level. Its economic need is increasing as the variety of cars is increasing and it cost high amount of income from the yearly budget globally.

Therefore, this fact concerns us to get back with the public transport system which need less amount of money investment and can be cut the economic crisis coming in the world by the private transport and able to manage economic development too. Moreover, alternate forms of transport like railways,roadways,metro trains, or even bicycles which are widely used in European countries can be encouraged. There is an urgent need of a law that can control the excess use of cars though out the world. So, we can help ourselves from getting out of this financial problems.

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