Quentin Tarantino has greatly improved his career since his first script in the late 1 980’s. One of his latest achievements is his film Django, which grossed an astounding $425 million worldwide. However, his most Iconic films are those that kick started his career such as: Pulp fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Although both movies are similar In content and dialogue, Pulp Fiction differs In Its complexity, plot, budget and high profile cast. TarantlnoS first movie, Reservoir Dogs, had a lower budget than his other films at $1. 5 million.

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The movie is about a group of professional criminals and the vents that happen before and after, but not during, a diamond heist. Because of the films limited budget, the movie develops in a handful of settings. The main setting is an old, abandoned warehouse. Also Tarantino could not cast very famous actors, making the movie less appealing to the uninformed audience. However, these obstacles did not hinder his ability to captivate audiences. He still impressed critics with his drama filled story line, and its surprise twist ending.

Tarantino’s second movie Pulp Fiction, and Its $8. 5 million budget, showed his full potential. Tarantino did not only cast actors Ilke John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Uma Thurman; he also completely stepped away from the rules of conventional film making by throwing away the Idea of a chronological story line out the window. He filmed the beglnnlng scene from a different perspective of the last scene of the movie; therefore, starting the movie with the end. Another complex aspect of the movie is the plot.

The whole movie is not Just one storyline; it’s a collection of four storylines that are seemingly unrelated, but develop and come together in the end. Both movies have their similarities, and can be easily distinguished as Tarantino movies. One of the istinguishing marks is the use of non- related dialog, in other words the dialog is not related to the plot. One example from Pulp Fiction is the dialog between Vince Vega and Jules Windsfield. VINCENT: Also, you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese In Paris?

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