Puma Marketink Mix Essay Sample

8 August 2017

The constitution of cougar took topographic point in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler and it became a published company in 1986. Puma’s head-quarters are in Germany. They distribute their merchandises in more than 120 states. employs more than 9000 people and generates gross of 2. 5 million dollars. The present CEO and Chairman of PUMA is Jochen Zertz.

Puma has construct a strong. planetary indorsement porofolio. 1 that has become the hottest squad and star ensembles in the industry. In 1999. Puma demonstrated its eldritch ability to place athlets before their premier. such as when tenis participant Serena Williams signed with PUMA. she was non even eligible for WTA rankings. but here aggressive manner and competitory nature prevailed.

Serena Williams won the U. S. Open and publically thanked PUMA for their support during here trophy credence address after she defeated Martina Hingis in the Women’s individual finals.

Torronto Raptor’s. Vince Carter was named 1999 Rookie of the Year have oning PUMA gym shoes.

Puma is working on a company-wide for a “paperless-culture” . wereby all internal communicating is conducted via e-mail as of 2001. They are besides video conferincing installations to pass on between it’s design and development centres ( Germany. USA and Hong Kong ) . to speed up the merchandise creative activity procedure and cut down clip devouring travel.

PUMA is the chief manufacturer of partisan drive places. race suits and football places. They are premier manufacturers in both Formula 1 and NASCAR and they are in partnership with Ferrari and BMW. it hase a wyde scope of footware. athletic wear. athleticss goods and manner accoutrements for adult male and adult females. The merchandises fulfill wants and desires based on image. non needs. Customers seek the merchandise and service benefits of the image of Puma. they adopt a alone stigmatization scheme. due to the fact that they sell such a broad assortment of different merchandises and trade names. As antecedently stated. Pumas doesn’t have its ain line of merchandises as such. but they do seek to guarantee that the merchandise lines that they stock are of a high criterion of quality. By high quality. it doesn’t needfully intend that the merchandise will last the needed clip period and supply a satisfactory service for the consumer. It besides means that the merchandises that they stock are non your ordinary merchandises that rivals sell. but that each merchandise has a higher criterion or offers alone characteristics.

Monetary value:

Puma’s pricing is design to be competitivete with the other manner shoe retail merchants. The pricing is based on the footing of a premium section as mark clients. Topographic point:

The market for big section shop such as Puma is chiefly concentrated in big shopping centres. high streets and online. they don’t sell a Pumas trade name as a merchandise. so much as an chance to utilize their services to obtain high quality merchandises. which consumers need at low-cost monetary values in a really comfy shopping ambiance.


When consumers hear the words Pumas. they associate words such as quality. comfort and handiness. This proves that Pumas is successfully advancing their overall selling scheme. They aim their advertisement at a preponderantly middle-upper category consumer group and this reflects in their selling runs. This image is besides boosted by their shop layouts and presentation. every bit good as their echt concern to stock quality merchandises.

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