Punk Rock and Green Day

3 March 2018

Green Day is punk Rock Punk rock defined by dictionary. Com is, “a type of rock-‘n’-roll, reaching its peak in the late 1 sass and characterized by loud, insistent music and abusive or violent protest lyrics, and whose performers and followers are distinguished by extremes of dress and socially defiant behavior. ” Personally, the definition that people put to the word “punk rock” may be a little different than the actual definition, but the original definition still is the backbone of punk rock.

A band that stuck out to me as being a punk rock band, even through all the criticism of them being a pop rock band is Green Day. In my eyes they have created their punk ethos through their music. Green Day would perform and be seen with very unorthodox clothes when you think about punk rock. For example, they perform in suits and ties, which was very unorthodox for people to see. It was very unique, and it may not be exactly what the original definition had defined, but they continued the trend of punk rock by being different and not by following what others have already done.That alone, their ability to be risky and try something new, like their outfit, really gives them their punk ethos in my eyes. As well as their unique loathing, they would also wear eyeliner and other accessories that were different for their time, even though it was after the peak punk rock time.

Lyrically, being described as a pop rock band means their lyrics don’t go against certain social norms, which I strongly disagree with.For example, their song “Good Riddance” was a risky move that lead them to more success. But during their time, no song similar to that was ever created. The lyrics and the tempo were very different than all past songs. Also, albums like “American Idiot” in the title alone reject certain social norms. Songs such as “Basket Case” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” were so unique and were very different than the music being produced by other rock bands.Green Day does not exactly follow some of the ass bands that created the punk rock movement, but Green Day was a different time and yet they still followed some of the ideas that those bands in the ass were formed by.

To be fair, the older songs of Green Day were more accepted to be defined as punk rock, but the band is still punk rock and they created a punk ethos by experimenting and being so different from others. Their visual appearance as never seen before, their eyeliner was a very noticeable change from the punk rock era, and their hair was unique as well.Even without their looks, their music is meaningful and rejects the social norm Of their time. Some Of their songs are still to this day unique which is another reason why Green Day is definitely punk rock. One of their famous albums, “Doggie,” is a perfect example of rejecting the social norm. Their songs, even in the album alone, are different and don’t have the same style as other bands. Green Day is definitely a punk rock band, and has created its own punk ethos from their looks and lyrics throughout their time.

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