Punk Rock Artists

3 March 2018

The media’s impression of punk rock culture lacks a more complete understanding of the purpose of punk rock artists and their music.

Punk rock is made up of a distinct type of music. According to the article “Industrial Subculture- The Mutated Child of Punk”, the media believes punk music is nothing more than “screeching vocals, distorted instruments, and the explicit use of foul language”. They do not understand why punk rock artists create the type of music they depict as “crashing, destruction, and chaos”. Punks do not want to belong to a world that is ruled by hypocrisy and insincerity, and they escape from reality through their music.The band Green Day’s song “Minority’ is composed of lyrics that express this mentality. The lead singer and guitarist, Billy Joe Armstrong’s words “cause I want be the minority/ I don t need your authority/ Down with the moral majority/ ‘Cause want to be the minority’, are sincere and portray how punks do not wish to fit in to a society where they are told what to do and are not able to be individuals. Also, other lyrics in the song that demonstrate the “punk mentality” to be nonconformists include phrases such as “there of which I tend alone” and “like a sheep runs from the herd”.

The article also states that the only emotion of this culture is “anger against the world”. On the other hand, punk rockers put their anger and controversial views into music instead of letting it out in a different, more violent way. The song “I’ve Had It” by Black Flag, exemplifies the band’s anger towards their life with the lyrics “l can’t go to work/ The boss is a jerk/ I anti got time for this school/ The [people] are fools/ I’m going to… Explode/ I’ve had it”. Writing songs similar to this allows punks to be completely happy and comfortable people in society.

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