Punk Rock Music

3 March 2018

Punk influenced the Anarchy movement where nowadays there are anarchic movements spread around the globe. Punk rock taught others that they one doesn’t need a major company to sponsor or label to expose . There are many punk bands that all believe that they have the same opportunities to survive in the real world with or without exposure.

At the moment here are many Indies bands and artists, many of which are underground acts. All of these groups keep their mind believing that hey have an equal hope of success in the real world. Punk taught to question everything.People nowadays don’t argue about how the world is, but how it should be. Punk also acted as a home for outcasts. When one didn’t follow the global trends, they were deemed as freaks and punk welcomed these, “freaks” who didn’t care about matching others, but being their own individual. As well as positive effects, punk can also influence negative effects such as influencing their audience to become like them in which many were, “memo”.

Because they were, “memo”, they were stereotyped to cut and harm themselves. In certain cases was not a stereotype but the actual damaging.In a specific form, punk can be interpreted as violence, chaos and strange dressing styles such as Mohawk which are without a doubt in my opinion amazing. As for rebelling, sometimes it can and will get out of hand to the point of violent actions. There are an uncountable amount of attitudes and cultures that those out choose to follow. Some are meant for a certain culture, but there are those fated to become a, “punk”.

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