Purchase Process Model

1 January 2017

Identify and elaborate the three phases of purchase process model. Explain what happens during each stage. Consumer behaviour as individual, group, and organizational decisions as well as activities affected by intra and interpersonal variables that are involved in evaluating, acquiring, using and disposing of products, services, experiences, or ideas and the impact these processes have on consumer and society. There are three stages of model service consumption or also known as the consumer decision making process which are pre-purchase stage, service encounter stage and post-encounter stage.

This is just a general model of the decision making process and it emphasizes that the buying decision making process starts before the actual purchase and continues even after the purchase. It also encourages the marketer to focus on the complete buying process and not just on the purchase decision. For the first stage, pre-purchase stage it includes awareness of need, information search, evaluation of alternatives and make decision on service purchase and often make reservation before any purchasing run. Customers recognize a problem as a awareness of need or want.

Purchase Process Model Essay Example

Of course, the most frequent problem occurs when consumers realize they are out of the product then they will motivate to take action to resolve it. Customers search for information that is helpful in making a purchasing decision. They may get this information in one or in many ways whether involve deciding between different approaches to address the same problem. Customer information typically falls into four group which are personal, commercial, public and experience. Evaluating alternatives follows the information search. During this customer analyzes all objective and subjective attribute of available products.

An illustration of objective criteria includes brand attribute and technical specification. Example of subjective attribute include list of alternatives, testing as well as personal experience. After considering all factors, customers rank attributes according to importance and use cut off criteria to make decision. Marketing professionals can influence customers by monitoring product and company reviews. Another way to influence is to ensure that brand is endowed with quality, great price or even reward program. Customers also compare products with respect to their various features and benefits.

They may compare product brands, styles, sizes, colours, prices, and related services. They also compare products at various stores. The customer may also evaluate the importance of certain information. For many customers, perceived reliability is extremely important. For others, price, ease of operation, related services or prestige may be paramount. Other information may be more important to customers when evaluating services. Customers generally evaluate goods and services by the features or benefits that are important to them.

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