Pure Frosting

8 August 2019

The last vassal of music from the now-defunct band, Presidents of the United States of America, comes in the form of the new, 12-song good-bye album, entitled “Pure Frosting.” The Good Stuff: This is an excellent album. The fact that the band has broken up doesn’t show through on this record. Only twelve songs, and yet, it successfully combines the cute sexual undertone of their debut album (“Presidents of the United States of America”) with the nitro-charged brashness of their sophomore attempt (“II”). This combination is best observed in the first track, “Love Delicatessen.” A staple from their live act also makes it onto tape for the first time. “Video Killed The Radio Star” will have every “Wedding Singer” fan snatching up a copy. The variety is very nice too. The album mellows out on soft acoustics like “Sunshine” and “Slip Away,” speeds up on tracks like “Teenage Girl,” and “Man,” reminds us exactly who the Presidents are with “Japan” and live versions of “Back Porch” and “Lump,” and rounds out the album with pure bursting rock and roll energy in “Cleveland Rocks.” The Bad Stuff: It’s too short. The album is so good, you’ll be screaming for more when it ends and cursing the fact that the band has broken up for good. The Rating: Go out and buy this album now. What Happens After? Chris Ballew (lead singer and guitarist) has put out a solo album called “13 Other Dimensions.” .

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