Purpose by Justin Bieber

8 August 2019

Music has become the only medicine that does not burn my throat when I absorb it. The only thing that can make me smile after frowning or frowning after smiling. There are some people that like music because of the beat or rhythm and there are other people that like music because of what the lyrics mean. I am the kind of person that likes to read over the lyrics and I think that a real artist shows the world what they feel by writing music that we can hear, making a connection between writer and listener. Songs mean something and it becomes the mission for a fan to figure out what the artist means and what he or she is trying to get through to people. Many times artists use their music to send messages, for example, not tolerating bullying or simply being yourself, like the song “I really don’t care” by Demi Lovato. Sometimes artists have gone through rough times in their careers and they use their music to develop and exemplify a new person within himself or herself, just like Justin Bieber’s new album, Purpose. Two significant songs that stand out to me are “Mark my words” and “No Pressure” which hold deeply what Bieber has been trying to show the world, regret, yet people choose to ignore.
Justin Bieber’s first song in the album “Mark My Words” has become the image towards what he feels for his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, the person that according to Bieber, he will always love and cherish. This past year he has been open toward himself, music, and what he is willing to show about his character. This album is mostly about all the immature and selfish things he has committed in the past, from relationships to being a poor role model, and trying to show his fans and the world he has changed. In this song it states, “But I won’t let me lose you and I won’t let us just fade away,” he tries to express himself through his music saying that he will not let his relationship fade after everything that has happened. Another lyric is, “Mark my words/that’s all that I have/Mark my words, give you all I got/In every way I will/You’re the only reason why/Oh I don’t wanna live a lie/Mark my words” here, he tries to emphasize that the only thing he has left are his words and that he’s going to do anything he can to prove himself. That he does not want live a life with lies because “you” are the only reason he even has the courage to speak up and keep going, the person he is willing to fight for in life and his career.
In “No Pressure” the song basically describes perfectly what he feels about his decisions in life and about losing his first love. Reading each lyric can easily become a speech before your eyes. To start off the song, Bieber wrote, “I’m believing that you’ll pick up one day/I don’t want to add to your pain at all/I’m praying that time makes a change in your life/I’m realizing how much you made a change in my life.” Bieber clearly does not feel any remorse to showing the world what he feels, in these lyrics he expresses how much he has tried to reach out, but there has been no response and how after losing her. As stated in these lyrics, “I’m believing that you’ll pick up one day,” He has realized how much he still needs her. In the next couple of words Bieber expresses what he believed his relationship was, “Thought you were in it for the paper/Never thought I’d take you seriously/Now I need you, not a moment later.” He tries to demonstrate how he believed Gomez was with him because of the money, publicity and how he expected the relationship not to be serious. “You ain’t gotta make your mind up right now/Right now, don’t rush, no pressure,” It explains just how wrong he was because the moment rough times came he wanted nothing but to have her by his side. He talks about how it is no pressure for her to come running or to approach him because he knows hoe much he hurt her. “You supposed to me my uno, Yoko Ono/Oh no, round two again/We’ve been fighting more than Ryu and Ken/Last time we argued eight straight days,” He talks about how they fought for days straight, how she was supposed to be his one true love (Yoko Ono). Yoko Ono, well known for being blamed of breaking up famous band The Beatles signifies that she can easily be perceived as the only person that can destroy his career. Although, not directly, but emotionally.
“Mark My Words” and “No Pressure” are very similar in theme, they both expose him, his feeling, and combine with the regret he feels for himself and his actions. Although, both songs can coincide they are slightly different in some ways. In “Mark My Words” he tries to get people to listen to him because all he has to defend himself are words, his honest words. In one of the lyrics he states, “So you heard it all before/Falling in and out of trust, trying to rekindle us/Only to lose yourself/ But I won’t let me lose you,” Justin once again is trying to get “her” to listen to him because he does not want to give up. In “No Pressure” Justin is slightly less pleading. He tries to convince her that she has the option to think about getting back together. Yet, there is no pressure for her to decide right now. “You ain’t gotta make your mind up right now/Calm down/don’t rush, no pressure.”
Justin Bieber dedicated his album to reminiscing what he has done wrong and showing his effort for reconciliation and renovation to others, being to his ex-girlfriend or simply to his fans. His songs have demonstrated how in general, people make mistakes, although not necessarily of the same capacity or extreme, but based on the mundane circumstances of living. Bieber has conveyed the idea of his hope and self-reproach to the world. As he speaks about apologizing, second chances, and regaining any possible trust given to him. The overall symbolism of this album signifies a chapter in his life where he decides to take a step back and confront the disastrous paths he was lead into. All in all, Bieber still has choices and it all depends on him, whether he chooses to be the aberration to society he had become or to choose the path of a new beginning. In conclusion Bieber is just trying to tell everyone he wants a place in the world, where he doesn’t necessarily have to be revered or loathed, but to have just enough support to keep striving in his career and in life.

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