Purpose by Justin Bieber

8 August 2019


Justin Bieber, whenever anyone hears his name they are automatically quick to judge him in a negative way. He had a downfall in the past year and went off the edge, he made no new music and started getting into bad habits. Bieber started his professional music career at a very young age and I personally think that was hard on him and he couldn’t truly express who he was. Justin is a very talented person and makes amazingly good music. He recently just came out with his new album called “ Purpose “ and two new songs “ Cold Water “ and “ Let Me Love You. “

“ Purpose “ album is one of the greatest albums he has ever produced. The mixture of his same slow songs and then he starts to add more hip hop genre. Justin can produce any type of music and it will all sound good. He brought in a variety of featured artists to mix up the tone of all his music, for example the song “ The Feeling “ featuring Halsey is a great contrast between two different artists.

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After he released his album “ Purpose “ he took a world tour , as an actual person being at one of his concerts for the tour, you can tell he put it in very hard work to make this his best world tour. After his Purpose tour was over he surprised everyone by collaborating with Major Lazer and producing an amazing song called “ Cold Water. “ Just a couple weeks later him and DJ Snake came out with “ Let Me Love You “ both of those songs are very good and well composed. Bieber just keeps on surprising his fans day by day.

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