Pursuit of Material Wealth Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Material wealth brings felicity and joy to people. leting people to be freed from fiscal issues. However. one may non cognize that the chase of stuff wealth is taking a immense hazard and may convey approximately much injury to a individual. a household or even the whole community. In my sentiment. the material wealth will do damaging effects to a individual. should a individual chase stuff wealth. Therefore. the chase of wealth is non the most of import thing in life.

Hedging some of the issues. the chase of stuff wealth will take to an eternal desire of a peculiar privation and eventually. emotional poorness. One illustration is the chase of branded goods with the snob entreaty. Many adult females would hunger for munificent bags such as Louis Vuitton. Chanel and many others. Unsatisfied. these adult females would hanker for more and more of such branded goods of an even higher monetary value each clip they buy. In a similar manner. the chase for money is endless. Slowly. this leads to an compulsion as money is the lone end that people will take to accomplish. Besides. cool appliances. the latest and best techno-gizmo. voguish clothes the newest manner has been the hot pick of teenagers’ chase. Such chase has been brought about by advertizements and peer force per unit area. merely to call a few. A mercenary life style will convey much sadness and uncomfortableness to people as the end of chase for a demand will ever be etched on the person’s head. ne’er traveling off. Therefore. the chase of stuff wealth will take to an eternal desire and finally emotional poorness.

In add-on. the chase of stuff wealth besides causes interpersonal relationships among people to endure. The Straits Times reported late that an ex-bank executive. Winnie Goh Li Ching. 33. was charged of cabaling with lodging agents to rip off OCBC over $ 61 million lodging loans scams. This shows that the greed for high terminal belongingss like lodging and autos are the thrust for people’s desire. To obtain such material wealth. people will seek and obtain it through all agencies. In the above illustration. Winnie would hold non merely lost her occupation. but besides the trust and she had built with her fellow co-workers. Finally. her friends and household. would besides look down upon her and the relationships she have with them may turn rancid in the terminal. Therefore the chase of stuff wealth causes interpersonal relationships to endure.

Material wealth does play an of import portion in our day-to-day lives. Material wealth helps us to pay. among other things food market. mortgage. children’s instruction. public-service corporation measures or even lodging loans. Acquisition of stuff wealth is really of import as it could be of a immense aid in endurance. the quality of life and may convey success to an person. a household or even to the whole society. However. the complete acquisition of stuff wealth will take to the chase of stuff wealth. which in bends bring damaging effects like emotional poorness and how interpersonal relationships will endure. Hence. it can non be said that the chase of wealth is the most of import in life.

Overall. alternatively of the chase of stuff wealth. one should travel for non-material wealth and that is passing more choice clip with their household and friend. In my sentiment. the chase of stuff wealth is eternal and this causes us to lose our intent in life. non merely does it impact a person’s emotional province but besides causes relationships to endure. hence. the chase of stuff wealth is non the most of import thing in life.

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