Push It To The Limit

11 November 2018

As a seventeen year old girl I sometimes feel like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. Either it’s the weight of work, school, home life, or just being a teenager it’s surprisingly bearable. I’m the type of person who pushes myself to the limit just to see how far I can go. My name is Casey and it would be an understatement to say that I’m determined and mature. These two words reflect my personality because of how I lead my life and the decision I have had to make and continue to make.

Over the past four years of my life I have had to step up to the plate at home while juggling my school work and my job. When I was sophomore in school I experienced something that changed my whole perspective on life. I became aware of my mom’s addiction.

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First I was devastated but most of all I was sympathetic. She has always been there for me and I knew I had to be there to support her. For a whole year it was a miserable battle but my mom got away from the struggle. It’s been almost two years now and I very thankful she made it through such a rough time.
Since that point in my life I’ve realized that I had to step up and help my family out. Not only did I take over many household chores but I also got a job to help out with the money situation and to support myself. I work as many hours as I can, because the extra money is always helpful. I think my situation has made me a stronger person. It’s almost like a reality check every day of my life that makes me re-think my priorities. Life’s tough and failure is often but I know that hard work leads to success. I don’t think anybody could handle my life, It’s hectic, crazy, stressful but most of all rewarding. It sounds insane but I enjoy being active, productive and involved. My life is filled with responsibilities that most teenagers don’t ever have to worry about, but I believe it builds character.

I am now a senior and I’m counting days the days until graduation. I anticipate walking across the stage having a liberated feeling. I am enlightened when I think about what’s in store for me. Education is the key to the future and I know with a degree I will be prosperous. I’ve made it seventeen beautiful years on this earth and I know with my mind set on success the sky’s the limit for me.

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